My new camera, the Olympus PEN E-PL5 has a flip screen that you can turn 180 degrees. It is, as they say, "selfie-friendly." Unable to resist, I took a few, just to see how it worked. The results were just this side of traumatic. I still shudder thinking about it. From this test, I reached some conclusions. … Continue reading SENIOR SELFIES FOR THE PHOTO-CHALLENGED


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #3 This week, I'm featuring the sidewalks of city and village ... and one famous boardwalk. Because before there was any other form of transportation, there were our feet. And when all else fails, even today, we still have feet. You don't have to buy them, make payments … Continue reading WALKWAYS – CEE’S WHICH WAY PHOTO CHALLENGE


Share Your World – 2015 Week #3 Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? There was time when I would have chosen favorite authors or even fictional characters. Maybe somebody great out of history, or myth. Eleanor Roosevelt. Sir Lancelot or Merlin. Too eclectic? These days, … Continue reading SHARING MY WORLD, WEEK 3


Motherhood is forever. I laughed a lot when I read this, but it also resonates. I think it will feel very familiar to any mother who has raised kids.

Stuff my dog taught me

sad momRemember that Mormon ad from a million years ago… A little kid is happy because he got A’s on his report card and all his joy gets sucked away by the voice of a parent, getting mad at him for some minor thing he has done wrong. Sometimes (most of the time), I feel like that little boy.

Our house is a very busy place. Everyone is juggling some combination of work, school, and social commitments (except my youngest who is only 10 and Buster the Schnauzer who is… well… a schnauzer). Emotions run high. And here I stand, rooted like a bull’s eye in the center of the madness, throwing out statements that are bound to infuriate the masses. Wild, crazy things like:

  • “put on your mittens” (in my defense, it is -14 C)
  • “wrap the cheese before you put it back in the…

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