Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 2015 Week #3

This week, I’m featuring the sidewalks of city and village … and one famous boardwalk. Because before there was any other form of transportation, there were our feet. And when all else fails, even today, we still have feet. You don’t have to buy them, make payments on them, or upgrade them every few years. They are original equipment. If you are lucky, they last a lifetime and take you from here to there.


    • Ah, yes, Worcester 🙂 Our local almost-a-real city. When I need to shoot some cityscapes, but can’t face the 70 mile haul into Boston, we go to there. Worcester thinks it’s a city, but … not quite 🙂 They do have some great hot dogs!


  1. I think the Hyannis one is my favourite of these but walkways are always interesting.I’ve often thought that if I won the mythical lotto and could visit the USA I’d like to see some ordinary small towns like yours as well as the big cities just to get a sense of what it is like to live there.


    • That particular sidewalk is lovely, but all of Hyannis is pretty much lovely, from docks to downtown. I would be hard put to find someplace ugly. The Cape tends to be that way.

      I live in a real small town, not like the Cape. Not a tourist town, though it was for a while, maybe 40 years ago. Now, it’s just a small, mostly attractive place with not much going on. But we have the river. Two rivers, actually, flowing through town and when it’s not overflowing its banks, it certainly does make it photogenic! If you are ever in the States, I will happily give you a tour of our Valley, top to bottom along with more history than you want 🙂


    • That’s Hyannis (the town, not the port). It’s the path to the Kennedy Museum. The whole town is lovely. That sidewalk makes for an interesting picture, though. All that fancy brickwork 🙂 You should come to the cape for a vacation. You would love it. I would drive down to visit with you … it’s just an hour and a bit from our house to Cape Cod. When I lived in NY, we went to the Cape at least once a year. I like it best in the autumn.


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