It’s nearing the end of January and this is New England. There was no reason in the world to not expect snow. In fact, the lack of it has been most unusual, though for many of us a welcome relief from some of the awful winters of the past few years. As soon as I saw the snow cover, I knew I had to go and take some pictures, especially as I have a new camera.

gentle snow in the woods in January

This is not one of the bigger snows I’ve seen. This in a minor storm and I doubt we will remember it a week from now.

Snow falling gently in the woods January

It is a soft snow. Almost no wind. That makes a most artistic work of nature as fine, gentle flakes settle on each twig and branch. Winter is here, but it is not roaring. It has come as a whisper.

footsteps in snow January

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Roadscapes

City and country, most of us seem to spend a lot of time in cars. On the road is a common place to find oneself, especially during vacation months.


Some of these were taken through the windshield, others on the streets of Boston or other places in New England.


Now, for the first time, in living black and white!