Cold. Fifty inches of snow on the ground. Groundhog day has come and gone, but we didn’t need a groundhog to know that winter is far from over.


Far from over, yet less than two months to spring. Which is difficult to imagine right now, when it looks like the Antarctic just outside our front door and there’s no chance we will be able to go anywhere until Owen and the snowblower clear a path.


It’s a good time to remember why we live in New England. Because it isn’t always like this.

Manchaug spring 2

Spring will come and there will be flowers. Sunshine.

solomon's seal

Warm days and green fields.

River Bend Farm river

A lazy river where ducks, geese, swans, and herons nest, fish, and enjoy those sunny days.



 Wildflowers and water lilies and gardens full of color.

Chinese lily

It’s why we stay here, put up with the cold, ice, and snow. Because spring and summer always come again, and finally the finale — Autumn. That’s the payoff.


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16 replies

  1. Beautiful photos. I like the flowers you’re using in your header now, too.


  2. Great photos. Today I noticed that our leaves are starting to change colour and drop so autumn is heading our way.


  3. Yes, yes, that’s what it’s all about, spring and summer and the green, green, grass of home.


  4. What a beautiful way to remember good times….the sunshine, flowers, ducks….. I loved the photos and the positive approach to the different seasons. Keep inspiring ! 🙂


  5. -4 degrees when I got up this morning and supposed to go down to something like -10 on Sunday (actual degrees, not wind-chill!).

    But I must say your photos made me feel warmer. Thank you.


  6. Love those flowers in your header photo- they popped up and I smiled at the brilliant colors that reminded me spring will come. Loved all of them and thanks for the reminder


  7. It’s good you have these photos to help you remember the colorful times.


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