We never discussed it. Not a single conversation. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We haven’t in the past and don’t now. It’s a fake holiday, designed to sell greeting cards and tacky heart-shaped diamond pendants from jewelry mass marketers.

yellow roses anniversary bouquet

There are plenty of real holidays to celebrate. In any case, we don’t need a special holiday to say “I love you.”

I love Garry. He loves me. We’ve loved each other a long time and I expect we always will. We say so often. At least once every day. Even when we aren’t having a good day. True love survives bad days, even bad months and sometimes, bad decades.

Cupid is stupid.

(That’s a poem. Just a very short one.)

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


  1. Marilyn are we souls mates. Is it possible that someone near Boston can think on the same lines as someone in the middle of a tiny country called Switzerland. Last week Mr. Swiss brought home an orchid. Not because it was Valentine’s Day but because he saw them in the supermarket at a special price and we both love orchids at home. That was a coincidence. We have never celebrated Valentine’s Day, never thought of it. We don’t need it. Even the bakers are baking heart shaped biscuits here, but I have never bought one. Perhaps it is just a common denominator in Alpha animals like us (not my words, but a Mr. Swiss remark on us – he thinks we are both Alpha animals – wonder where he got that one).


    1. And Garry, who like me has been more or less trapped in the house, brought me a bouquet the other day and I’m proud to say there wasn’t a single rose in it. Not that I’m against roses … but they always die faster than other flowers and look good for maybe a day before they collapse. A perfect symbol for the holiday … Love for a day, but no worries about tomorrow. It has always annoyed me. It annoyed my mother, too. So in my family, it’s a tradition.


    2. Alpha animals … except to my dogs. They diss me all the time. They thumb their doggy noses at me. Okay, not thumb. More paw than thumb, but they would if they HAD thumbs. It’s also probably why I was a lousy corporate employee. I have never had much patience with bosses who know less than me.


  2. Right on, Marilyn!! What’s the average spent per capita on Valentine’s Day this year? $147, mostly on candy and cut flowers. Damn near $300/couple if you keep it in your pocket and have a really happy Valentine’s Day.


    1. The whole social pressure thing too annoys me. All the people who don’t have partners with whom to celebrate feel like garbage because for this ONE day, you have to be in love. You HAVE TO BE in love and if you are not, you have failed. What rubbish.


  3. Don’t forget soft, plushy, red, white and pink colored stuffed animals! That seems to be Mecca’s new VD thing… entire shelves full of a menagerie of assorted cute and cuddly Valentines critters holding hearts that say a variety of sweet nothings. Well, everything but a squirrel, since they are obviously not romantic…. or maybe, like us, they are above the holiday consumerism…


    1. I would probably think Garry had a stroke or mental breakdown if he came back with one of them. He has been known to send me a card (and vice versa) … though I make my own cards. He likes hanging out in the card section trying to find THE perfect (funny) card. Maybe it’s because my birthday is just a couple of weeks down the road and his comes less than a month later that take the bloom off the bouquet of limp red roses? Why NOT a squirrel? I think it takes more fabric to make the fluffy tails so they get short shrift. They should be available in pink and red too, decorated with some ultra cute saying. It’s anti-squirrelism!

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      1. I sure wish I could make plushies. Not only to flood the world with Rainbow Donkeys, but to capitalize on the untapped market of Valentines squirrels. And skunks, of course. Nothing says, “I love you!” like a pink and white skunk…


        1. Skunks have definitely gotten a raw deal. Pepe is such a romantic fellow! And I think Rainbow Donkey may yet take over the world. I just bought Civilization IV … which won’t play on this computer. I have to get Civ V, but if I buy it, I will make Rainbow Donkey my civilization and we will conquer the world!


      2. I grew up in a family and a time when sending cards was part of our life routine. We wrote sentiments to family and friends that were genuine. I still do but the list is VERY short thanks to time. As for Valentine’s Day, Marilyn has won me over about its commercialization. But Marilyn doesn’t know that I got something for my other love, Bonnie our Scottie. As for true love, think of Norman Bates.


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