DAILY PROMPT: Wall to Wall — What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

Normally, I’d say this is a dumb prompt. But considering that the only other thing I could write about this icy, frozen morning, is weather — and I’ve written a LOT about weather in recent weeks — I’ll write about home decorations. Why not?


There’s stuff all over this house. Pottery, antiques, photographs, awards, old dolls, and other stuff. Paintings from known and unknown artists. Photographs by other photographers, one by Alfred Eisenstadt plus a couple by Alison Shaw. It isn’t all wall art. It stands on the mantel, on the tops of cabinets, inside display cases. It is everywhere.

inside the fetish cabinetWe have display cabinets full of carved Native American fetishes.


I have a philosophy about decorating, that when you look around, your eyes should find interesting things to see. That merely looking around should be entertainment, maybe even educational. And your wall should be “you,” a display of the things that matter to you, that fascinate you, that amuse you.


For example, bookcases. You can look at the contents of someone’s bookcase and know a lot about them. About everyone who shares the house, their interests, their hobbies, their profession.

Front entry hall in sunlight

Have you ever gone to someone’s house and seen no bookcases? Blank walls? I’m sure it’s easier to keep clean (my house is a nightmare to maintain) … but the walls would stare with empty eyes.


  1. We have six bookcases, the largest in the appartment, and five in the hobby room downstairs and from now on it will only be Kindle, we have no room. We are one of those families that avoid putting to much on the shelves. The bookcase has ornaments and we do have paintings on the walls (original Mr. Swiss), but I have to keep it to a minimum. Mr. Swiss is the duster man and he gives them a dust down regularly. I clean the kitchen I admit it is very intereting to see what the others have, but I try to keep it to a minimum.
    Yesterday afternoon and this morning we spent a lot of time cutting tress and shrubs in the garden and decided they are ornaments that give us problems with age. Next year our gardener will do it.

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  2. I’m more a minimalist — and even more so after packing and getting rid of stuff this past summer. It was NOT fun and I’m just not going there again. But it’s true; when people have cool stuff around their house it’s always fun to look at .


  3. We had bookcases in our last house… huge floor-to-ceiling bookcases that my hubs schlepped along with him wherever he went. But they were way too heavy for us to move to Seattle, so we sold them. Le sigh. Now we have to buy new bookcases because we have a lot of books. Well, he does right now. I’m rebuilding my collection.


      1. I know, right? My hubby went through all of his books and comic books to cut down on the weight for our move, but we still paid a pretty penny to bring it all up here, and I know we’re still going to need at least three floor to ceiling bookcases (and we’re not even counting his movies).


        1. Ah, yes, the movies. Them too, though we don’t have nearly as many as we used to have when they were videotapes. And we did get rid of our vinyl records. But someone, there’s still SO much. I got rid of more than half my antique pottery and hundreds of dolls … but there are still so many remaining. It’s actually less cluttered than it was, but Garry is a hoarder and that doesn’t help.


  4. Aha, I see one more thing missing from your walls, a picture of a light switch, just to confuse the hell out of visitors. Maybe you should just put a frame around the real wall switch and make it a challenge. 🙂


  5. I understand and like your philosophy of decorating, but for myself, I feel better with a bit more empty space between things. I’ve been accused of moderation.


  6. An amazing house. My ex-hubby wouldn’t let me put anything up on the walls, and he absolutely hated bookcases crammed full of books. I have two bookcases crammed full now and am starting to hang some quilts I have made up on the wall. It is feeling like home now.


  7. I wasn’t going to respond to this prompt, but then I read this post and you inspired me to respond because my place is the polar opposite of yours. But then so is my life to a large extent. I am now working on my response to this prompt, which I’ll probably be posting in an hour or so. Thanks for sharing your photos and a view into who you are.


    1. What I have mirrors less who I am, than the the road I’ve traveled to get here. If I were starting fresh, things would look very different. And they are not only my reflection, they are also Garry’s reflection, the life HE has lived.

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  8. What a delightful post! Your house shows you have had an interesting life and there are things there to remind you and to inspire you! I found this so charming Marilyn, reminds me of our chaotic collections that neither of us are willing to shed!


    1. Thank you. That’s exactly what it shows — our road to where we are now. It’s not that we aren’t WILLING to get rid of stuff. It’s that it’s too valuable to throw away, but hard to find people who understand its value. A lot of it is art or antiques. I managed to re-home about half my pottery and art , and hundreds of books, but there’s still too much.

      People our age don’t want more of anything. We already have too much. I remember when my mom was trying to offload a lifetime of stuff. Every time me or my brother came over, we left with our cars full of stuff. It was beautiful, but it filled up our homes before we had time to acquire our own stuff. I still have a lot of my mothers stuff.

      I love my things, but it sure would be easier to keep this house clean without it!!


    1. I think that says a lot about where you spend your time! When I was spending most of my time in my office, it was the most decorated room in the house. Over the years, I’ve changed my patterns. Now EVERY room is full. And we have a lot of original art in portfolios for storage because we haven’t framed it — because we have no place to put it. When you run out of space in the computer room, you’ll start to expand. You’re an artist, it’s inevitable 🙂


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