It was bitterly cold outside and downright nippy inside when I got up yesterday morning. The temperature was below zero, so I figured our aging heating system had been over-matched. I slipped into sweatpants. Added heavy socks and a pair of house booties. Warm sweater. Poncho over sweater. I was still cold.

ice dams february

Cruelly, I forced the poor doggies to go outside. I apologized with biscuits and wrapped them in blankets when they came back. They brought winter with them. Damn. The house was cold. I looked at the thermostat. It read 64, but it felt colder.

ice dam februrary 2015

I got a cup of coffee. Drank it. Got another cup. Drank it, too. Still not warm. Especially my hands.

Owen got back from work and came up to tell me the boiler wasn’t working. Which explained the lack of heat. It’s a testament to how good our insulation is the house remained as warm as it did. Meanwhile, I realized my bathroom window was sealed tight by a thick layer of ice in the window. On the screen. In the frame itself. That in addition to the ice dams along the eaves.

72-One-More-Blizzard_09Owen had found a kid to come over and get the snow off the roof. He and the boiler repair guy showed up at the same time. The kid couldn’t move the ice dams at all and he’ll be back today to finish the snow. He was late getting started. Suddenly, it was too dark to work.

ice dam February 2015

Nothing but warmer temps and sunshine is going to melt that ice. At least it won’t get worse if the roof is clear of snow. Today’s storm is supposed to be tiny, just a couple of fluffy inches. I hope they are right. We have had more than enough.

Last night, I heard the funniest weather report. The meteorologist said there would be snow “somewhere in northern New England, probably New Hampshire or Maine. It will be very cold.” He wasn’t sure how much snow, or exactly when it would start, but he was sure there would be snow. Somewhere in New England.

You could give that forecast anytime during January or February in New England. You would always be right. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way that wind blows.

Next weekend? We’ll cross that storm when we come to it.


Winter is ending. A glance at the calendar screams “spring is just around the corner,” even though it looks like winter in Siberia. It’s warm again, inside. Our boiler is chugging away. The cold spell won’t last forever.

Although I have no empirical evidence to support my opinion, I firmly believe spring will come.

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  1. It has been fun watching your table totally disappear under the snow. Although you probably have a total different opinion. 🙂


  2. So glad they fixed the boiler within the day. You had me worried.

    My daughter in Indiana had a burst pipe, the pipe coming from their water pump. Since water is needed to run their heat pump, they could have lost heat and water all at once. They, too, were able to get it fixed within the day.


    • Companies that deal with heating equipment in cold climates tend to be good about servicing fast. If they hadn’t gotten here when they did, we’d have had to find somewhere else to spend the night. The poor guy hadn’t slept in 24 hours. We weren’t the only ones …

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  3. glad to hear the boiler is up and running again!


  4. Your weather is seriously scary! I worry about you and your household full of people doggies and any other live and breathing critters. Your situation is critical should you lose power or heat for very long. I wish I could share our warmer weather with all in New England. I know what it’s like to be cold and not be able to warm up.

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    • And … guess what? IT’S SNOWING. It wasn’t snowing the first time I got up, around 5. And even around 8:30, though the sky had “that look” I’ve come to know and fear. But this time, at 9:30, big, fat, flakes were falling from the sky. Not — at the moment — a serious storm. More like a teaser. But is it a sign of things to come? NO MORE. Please?


    • Bob, I finally got to “take care of business”, shave and shower last night. Golly, it felt good. Now, it’s snowing again. As our legendary football coach says, “It is what it is”.


  5. You need some New Zealand possum beanies and scarves. They are really warm. I have some and they are as warm as toast. Actually too warm for us here.


    • Oh sigh. You know, I bought an LL Bean beanie that is very warm, but it is too big and falls off my head. And it’s only a medium. I have many scarves, though I’m not sure where they are. I put them away at the end of last season. I put them someplace safe … which sadly is so safe I may never find them again. But at least the heat is back on. That’s something. Yesterday, I was ready to wear an overcoat in the house when they heat finally started to come back up. Getting up this morning was a lot less brisk. Then it started to snow again.


  6. I have some winter clothes, but not GOOD winter clothes. I haven’t lived in a hard winter area of the country since I was in junior high. Winter areas, yes, HARD winter areas, no. Holy cats… I went out to sweep the foot of snow off my car (luckily this stuff is light and fluffy), by the time I finished I couldn’t feel my fingers or feet.


  7. I feel bad for you guys in New England. The tons of snow and the frigid temperatures. But you’re right, spring is barely a month away. Or, in the case of New England, maybe six or seven weeks away.

    You changed themes again.


    • The theme I bought — Blogly — got trashed. Remember when WordPress decided we no longer needed an “edit” link on the drop-down menu? I was really pissed because Blogly didn’t have an internal edit link like other themes. So they fixed Blogly and like their other fixes, they trashed it. So they fixed it again. And it went from bad to worse. I couldn’t resize graphics. If you clicked on comments, you could see the comment, but couldn’t scroll up to the post to which it was attached. The text was coming out weird sizes too. Finally, seriously pissed, I threw in the towel. I asked for my money back, but they said it was too LATE to get my money back because it was more than 30 days since I bought it. I pointed out that they didn’t trash it until a couple of weeks ago, but THEY trashed it. It was THEIR fault and they owed me.

      They said they had a brilliant development team. I said I was very aware of their development team and their brilliance. Then I got about 50 emails from developers who were sure they could fix the theme. Today they sent me a note telling me they’d be refunding my money. I’m still waiting for the money.

      And that’s why I changed my theme.

      Can spring be far behind when WordPress admits they erred?

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