DAILY PROMPT — Undo: If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Undo gunpowder. TNT. And guns. Oh, and nuclear power. All the stuff that makes guns and modern weapons, and modern warfare possible. No landmines, howitzers, or automatic weapons. You can keep your knives, swords, maces, bludgeons, ropes, and other weapons of personal, intimate destruction. I’ll just take away everything that blows up, shoots, explodes, or kills from a distance … or en mass.


If you want to kill someone, you’ll have to do it face-to-face, up close and personal. No mass destruction. You want to kill someone, stand up and fight. Beat him up. Have a cozy knife fight.

blood evidence

But you can’t kill him from a distance, can’t site him with a sniper rifle from a rooftop. No sniper rifles exist, not even a pistol. Since I have this power to undo what has been done (I’m sure there’s time travel involved here, somewhere), if you try to work around this, I’ll take away your bows-and-arrows too.

So behave yourself. Don’t run with scissors, but it’s okay to stab your neighbor with a pair … because hey, we’re humans. Killing is us.

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  1. I’m with you, Marilyn. Let’s arm the world with LOVE (kindness, mercy, compassion, respect)! Wouldn’t that be heavenly? ❤


    • I believed — REALLY believed — by the time I got this old that it would be a better world. All of us baby boomers thought we would be the ones to change everything, fix stuff that was broken. The world turned out to be a lot less amenable to change than we imagined. Some things are better … but not nearly as many as I expected. I feel like all we did was make denim a fashion fabric.


  2. That’s a great post with a crisp and sharp message.
    As I saw this prompt ‘Undo’, the first thing that came into my mind – Nuclear Bomb – and I started writing on it. But my article is half-finished and soon there will be a new prompt so maybe too late now.


  3. I agree. A world without weapons would be definetly a better world.


  4. The car. Is undo the car. Fuel petrol, pollution would all be lessened.


  5. I was wondering if you’d address bows and arrows. Then there’s spears, slingshots, and any other projectiles. And, of course, they are all helpful for hunting.


  6. I would undo credit cards, the evil of our age. If you didn’t have the cash you couldn’t buy anything. What a change in society credit cards are.


    • That’s what I’ve done.., I paid off and canceled all of my credit cards and only use cash or a debit card. I also unlinked all of my accounts so that there is no way to borrow from one account to cover another, The bank says they’re just trying to save me the embarrassment, but they will still charge you an “overdraft” fee. I said NO, don’t worry about me I can take rejection, at the checkout counter, if I don’t have enough money in my account.., really! So it’s simple, If I don’t have the money, I don’t buy it. Some of my friends don’t see how I can live without a credit card.., it’s easy, watch me.., been doin’ it for years. Sorry, to go off topic but it’s one of my buggaboos and I just had to agree with you.


      • Credit is a trap. We’ve mostly gotten free of it, not counting the mortgage and couple of relatively small ones. But it killed us for years!


      • I’ve been retired for 5 years now. I live on my social security checks and a once a month pension check for about $260. I have an extremely limited budget so I choose activities that are free or almost free. Example: Going to the Oregon zoo for my photographic subjects, the animals, plants and visitors. My annual membership paid for by volunteers at that zoo. Transportation there is by mass transit. $2 a day, all day with unlimited transfers between buses and trains. That’s cheap entertainment that I love with great exercise and plenty of friends be they animals or workers. It works for me and I’m happy, healthy and complete.

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    • Credit has been around for thousands of years. Credit cards have made it more available to more people, but people have always spent more money than they had, fully planning to pay it off based on future earnings. From serfs to Emperors, debt has been with us, along with moneylenders and high interest rates. They overspent monumentally in Rome. Cicero was bankrupt and in danger of losing everything … just one example. Ultimately, they killed him. Death from debt has never been rare.

      Monarchs were always broke. That’s was what those stupendous taxes were about. Credit isn’t new. Credit being so ubiquitous is a bit newer … but NOT entirely new. That’s the thing, you know. Nothing is new, not really.


  7. Totally agree with your sentiments.


  8. That sounds like it could be the Earth’s motto in millennia to come – “Killing is us”. We’ll probably be a “merc” planet if we live long enough to visit the stars.


  9. I would like that a lot :-). I don’t even want to watch the news anymore…shootings here and there always followed by the statement that there is absolutely nothing wrong with our gun laws…I am tired of it.


  10. Agreed. And let’s not even consider the use of drones to kill folks.


    • I got Garry his own drone for Christmas. It turns out a “drone” is just a radio-controlled toy flying machine. His is a little helicopter. They’ve been around since I was a kid … but now, golly, we’ve re-purposed them. Humans are SO clever!

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      • Too clever by half sometimes.


      • When you think of it, what started out to be “tools”, in human development, got re-purposed into weapons. A prehistoric guy, tired of the risk taken when having to struggle with possible food sources, stronger than he is, at close distances, naturally wonders what it would be like to just toss that stone or sharp thing from a distance. Thus, the curiosity and inventiveness of mankind comes to the forefront. The result; spears, sling shots, the bow and arrow etc. Now that’s all turned into guns, bombs, drones and other hideously destructive devices.


        • I understand it as hunting tools … but somewhere along the line, we seem to have focused mostly on how many and how fast we can kill other people. I get the “how” and even the “why” it happened …. but we sure don’t have that excuse any more. Yet, we’re still improving our killing power. Spending the biggest part of our national budget on it, too.l


  11. You’d better be careful, Marilyn, lest the NRA revokes your membership privileges.


  12. I do have a few neighbour suspects, but they move away before I have a chance. I notice your signature is not on the second photo. Did you want to remain anonymous on that one? I did it once, but I had just bought some nice fresh liver. That makes a good photo, very realistic.


    • I don’t know who took that second photo. I found it somewhere on the Internet. It had no signature. I needed a blood pictures and there it was. Waiting for me. It’s still the best blood picture I have. I’d use liver (or stab myself) but Garry can’t eat liver any more and I promised Garry I’d stop stabbing myself. I was getting blood all over the kitchen.

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  13. the wisdom of God is the great unknown, perhaps, we need to mess up to correct the situation, experience is education,just saying


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