My cousin called. It’s nice hear from her, good to remember I have some living family remaining. There used to be a lot more of us. When we were all a good deal younger, we used to see each other sometimes at family events. Anyway, we got to talking about insomnia. It’s part of the “older person” package of goodies. I commented my problem is the committee. Its endless meetings. Just when I want to sleep, the meetings begin.

First up, the Scheduling Committee. Dental, doctor, and veterinary appointments. Vacation dates. Taxes. When the snow melts, we’ll have to get someone to take a look at the siding and the roof. See what needs repair.

Enter the Maintenance Committee. They get to worry about the aging heating system. The once new, now not-so-new refrigerator, range, freezer. Water heater. Doors, windows. And let’s not forget the well. Exhausted, I drift off for a while, but I’m awake and alert in time for the Family Concerns Committee.

Indian corn in kitchen window

The Family Concerns Group obsesses over health issues. Is Garry just tired, or is there some lurking disease? Is my shortness of breath because I’m old and out of shape, or something more sinister? Next up, worry about the kids and the granddaughter’s college education. And the dogs. Can’t forget the dogs.

I don’t even want to discuss the obsessive number crunching of Ways and Means. Complain, complain, complain. They just want to know where I’m going to get the money for everything. Shut up, already. I have no idea how I get from month to month and I’d just as soon not examine it too closely!

Wait! Another committee? Oh, right. Now it is time for the meeting of the Ecological and International Affairs Committee, an umbrella group that focuses on the economy. War. Global warming — which admittedly seems less an immediate threat right now than usual.

Melting ice caps. Disappearing polar bears. Besieged elephants, lions, tigers, rhinoceroses, and wolves. Where are the birds? Have they have survived this terrible month of bitter cold, snow, and ice? And the swans? I worry about swans. And geese. And ducks. Let’s not forget bats. We no longer have bats. They are all dead from an accidentally imported bat plague.

Bees. We are running out of hives. If we have no bees, there won’t be food. Which might be good for the planet. Fewer people equals less pollution. By the time the committees adjourn, the sun is up and I’m exhausted. Aren’t you? How are your committees? Had any good meetings lately?

What’s on tonight’s agenda?

Think Global, Act Local — “Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

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  1. I deal with them with, “Take no thought for the morrow. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” It was very effective when I had more worries than peace and it’s effective now – and true. I just say it to myself until i’m asleep.


  2. Me and Mrs. Swiss avoid committees. We are too old for that sort of thing, the enthusiasm has dwindled over the years. Of course, he might make an exception for anything to do with Jazz etc. and I would be there straight away if it would be something to do with my overdue nomination for the Pulitzer.

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  3. I blog to get the voices out of my head. Of course, it gets refilled with other stuff that is not as fun.


    • Blogging helps. Or, the committees help the blogging. Instead of laying in bed listening to them argue, we can get up, go to the computer, and write. It’s better than those meeting, endless boring meetings. It’s like work but you never get to go home or take a vacation.


  4. Those committees take up time and space and grow so out of proportion when the rest of the world is silent and dark. I try to shun them, but instead when I do fall to sleep they visit me in my dreams. Arghhhhhhh!


  5. We all have committees of some sort. I also think we try and reduce our load as much as possible. Since I rent a place instead of owning I eliminate a lot of my concerns. Paul, my live-in landlord must deal with things like being overrun by ants. He put out a card covered in pancake syrup and borax to kill off the colony that lives in my bathroom heat register. Now I get to watch them eating themselves to death. It’s quite the party.

    I still haven’t heard from the VA about assigning me a new primary care physician since my last one up and quit. No sense in worrying about things you can’t control. As long as I get my medications refilled I’m not worried. There’s always the VA Hospital emergency room if I have something develop. Either way, no sleep lost there.


  6. Sometimes it helps me to get up and write things down. Loved your post! 😊


  7. And why do they always have to meet at night?


  8. Where was the Worry Committee when the bobcats ate all of the squirrels!?!? Probably reading the minutes from the last meeting or taking roll call, since that’s all committees seem to do…


  9. It’s kind of scary, but I KNOW exactly what you are talking about, well said!


    • I’m pretty sure that most of us have a committee or two or three. I just wish they adjourn, shut up, and go to sleep!

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      • It’s nice that your Cuz called. Means she cares and has been thinking about you. I know the glow you get from those calls. That’s how I felt when my “Baby” brother actually called twice recently to check on how we are faring. I wrote your Cuz, thanked her and apologized for sleeping through the call. As for the tiredness, I explained. It’s getting up early to shoo the furry kids out and then doing an encore a short time later. Necessary in this weather. Hard for me to really get back to sleep. We stay up very late and then enjoy watching stuff when we retire. It just catches up. Hell, I am surprised when I shouldn’t be. Time out. My hearing aids are buzzing. Time to change batteries.


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