I wrote when I hit 200,000. Then vowed I’d wait until I hit 250,000 before I’d write again. I got here faster than I expected. During the past few months, Serendipity had lots of traffic, even during holiday periods which are typically slower.


Meanwhile, my third blogging anniversary was February 4th. Oops. Missed it. I guess I’ll have to wish myself a belated anniversary. I’m nothing if not fair. I forget everything and everyone equally.



It would have been delightfully symmetrical if I’d hit a quarter of a million on Serendipity’s third anniversary. I came close, just 16 days later. It’s hard to predict precisely.

Views come in bunches. The first year was slow starting, yet I finished my first year with numbers I wouldn’t duplicate for two more years. The whole second year was about steady growth. Not many big days, but few bad ones, either.

During this third year, I doubled the average daily views. The end of 2014 was a roller coaster. Big days then slow days. Bursts of views, then nothing. Followed by another big day.

new stats

250,000 feels like a lot of views. I know there are lots bigger blogs, for whom 6,200 followers is no big deal. Where a quarter of a million hits is a drop in the bucket. Considering that I expected nothing, I’m amazed I got here. I started blogging knowing nothing except that I could do it. I learned along the way using the best tutor in the world: trial and error.

Each time I think I’ve worked out “the formula,” I discover I haven’t. I’m pretty sure there is no formula, at least none which works for everyone. The best part of blogging is its lack of structure, the freedom to be whatever (whoever) you want. To keep redefining yourself without answering to anyone.

A note about followers: Until about a couple of weeks ago, follower totals included WordPress blog followers, plus Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. In January I had almost 8,000 followers. At some unknown recent moment, WordPress stopped including all but blog followers.

I don’t mind the new formula. This is how it should have been from the outset. It is, however, a bit jarring to see ones followers count drop like a rock for no apparent reason. A warning would have been nice.

My years in blogging

My years in blogging

I’ve written more than 3,200 posts. So many, I can’t remember most of them. Or find them in the archives. I’ve posted I-have-no-idea-how-many pictures. I keep waiting for my blog to collapse under the weight of all those posts and pix. So far, so good. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Serendipity blew up tomorrow. If I disappear, remember me kindly. I’ll always be out there, somewhere.

I’ve had a difficult year. For me, this journey has not been about popularity. More about perseverance. About writing even if I’m sick and can’t find my muse. No one is more surprised — and pleased — than I am to have survived and done pretty well.

I’ve been blogging long enough to know each post won’t be a winner. It doesn’t mean I should quit. Writing is important to me in ways I can’t explain. If I stopped blogging, I don’t know what I would do with my days. Blogging is communication, networking, self-expression, and a focus … all wrapped up in a pretty bundle. And I don’t have a boss (YES).

I know — because I’ve done it — it’s worth hanging on. Numbers go up and down, but when you stick with it through the valleys, eventually, you get to the peak.

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  1. Congrats and well done:) I enjoy your blog as I can always go to it and read a new post about something interesting….I admire your writing and also your photography:) I am blessed to know you and to be one of your subscribers but mostly I’m blessed to be your friend:)
    Congrats! You Rock!!!


  2. AWESOME! Kudos and thanks. 🙂


  3. Congratulations! That’s some great stats! It’s tough work but I think it’s worth it 🙂


  4. Can you tell me where to find a Random Post Finder similar to yours?


  5. Congrats, Marilyn. A quarter of million readers in just three years! Your blog is so engaging , I’m sure you’ll reach half a million faster


  6. Congratulations That is a lot of views. I love seeing what you write and your photos are amazing. So onto half a million views.


  7. Congratulations. Your blogging anniversary falls on my wedding anniversary, although that it now 46 years, so I won’t forget it. Thanks for the explanation about the followers, it was about time that they only included the WordPress followers and not the rest. I actually started blogging many years ago in Multiply and constantly did a backup in Blogger. In Blogger I have 2200 posts, in WordPress a little less. My blogs here go back to 2009, but are not complete as at the beginning I only put in my stories. I notice that a plain story gets less likes than telling everyone about it. For me it is fun, and I am glad to be here.


    • If I could find a way to archive whole years, that would be great. But that’s not an option, apparently on any blogging platform. Everything you write just lives there forever. Even if you can’t find it because it’s buried under years of stuff.

      I know three years isn’t very long, not compared to you and a few others I know. I don’t post as much as I did and I need to cut back even more or this site really will explode from its own weight.

      It doesn’t feel like three years. It feels like I just started. I did a lot of “serious” writing early on. No one was interested. When I lightened up and posted more pictures, I began to be “discovered.” But nothing stays the same. Followers change. People leave the blogging world, sometimes leave the world, period. A lot of people who I used to follow and who followed me have disappeared.

      I’m glad they changed the counting. I always thought including “Facebook friends” as followers was bogus.

      I figure I’ll hang around. What else would I do with my time? I can’t figure out what other people do with theirs if they don’t write or take pictures or paint or something. Do they take a lot of naps?


  8. Well done Marilyn! Great work and it was fun working with you too!


  9. Congrats on some mighty impressive numbers! I thought you’d been around longer than three years…. but maybe it just seems like it with your prolific nature. WordPress can’t even get my blogging anniversary right. Maybe I should celebrate my fake anniversary when WP awards me the badge sometime in May…


    • I think they have mine wrong too. I thought it was February 24th, which was also my first post (maybe I signed up earlier?) … but I just gave up and went with their number. It doesn’t make all that much difference. It’s at least the same month. Yours is, I gather, really very far off.

      It does seem longer than 3 years … or shorter. Time has raced by.

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      • It lists my anniversary as May 26th and I started on December 24th. Hard to get more far apart than that! I also noticed that it didn’t award me an anniversary badge until I’d been blogging for a year and a half in 2013. So WP seems to have slept through my first five months of posting…. well, so did everyone else since nobody followed me at the time!


        • I know they get a lot of stuff wrong … but it’s hard to fathom how they could get THAT wrong. I mean … isn’t it embedded in your sign up stuff? Maybe you should celebrate twice a year. I think that’s what I would do. Six months off is a LOT of offness.


      • Congrats!! When you hit one million..and you probably will…You’ll do the “Today” show with Matt Lauer if he is still hosting and still remembers me from our days at 7 Bulfinch.


        • If I actually hit that mark which, at the moment, seems about as likely as the mother ship dropping by to offer us a trip to that great planet which makes you young again? Everyone who has already hit the millions will make it seem like no big deal 🙂 But if I were to be invited … I’d go in a heartbeat and take you too. And maybe a dog or three.


  10. Congratulations! You shouldn’t be surprised. You demonstrate so positively the great thing about getting older – your wisdom, views, opinions and photos resonate with so many people, young and old and cover so many different topics – you are inspiring and entertaining.


    • Funny about the wisdom thing. The husband and I were watching CSI: LA last night. They had this hing about Gurkhas, who were supposed to be all-wise (I’d never heard that about Gurkhas before). I thought they were a culture who lived in the northern part of India where it bumps into Tibet. In fact, I had a Gurkha doctor for a while. Two of them, actually. One was a surgeon. The other was a shrink. She (the shrink) wore white flowy robes. And a turban.

      But now I know more. Ah, the things I learn from TV! I’ve noticed there is a common thread among TV wise persons. An important connection.

      None of them use contractions. That’s how you can tell you’re dealing with someone truly deep and wise. I use contractions all the time, so I can’t possibly be wise. To gain that level of wisdom, I’d have to give up talking normally and writing conversationally. No can do.

      I thank you for the thought, my friend 🙂

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  11. Congratulations Marilyn, those are some big numbers.


  12. wow Marilyn- those are some stats- glad to part of them!


  13. Congratulations ! I read your last post when you hit 200,000. I remember my comment also. Now when you touch 250,000 quiet fast, once again I say……Serendipity rocks ! You inspire all your readers with your dedication towards your writing. Keep inspiring ! many more to come 🙂


    • Thank you. I suspect we are rather a mutual inspiration. I’m very grateful to you in so many ways. You mean a lot to me … From all the way on the other side of the world, you take the time to connect with me. Thank YOU.


  14. Congratulations! Here’s to another quarter million … and another … and


  15. Wow, you blog has been viewed a quarter of a million times. That is, indeed, impressive. But what makes your blog worthwhile and what keeps people coming back is that you have no formula, no specific niche. Your posts are varied, well-written, always entertaining, and often informative. One never knows what one will find when one comes to visit your blog. Well, that’s not true. One does know that, whatever it is, it will be engaging. Here’s to the next quarter of a million.

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  16. Wow. That’s a bunch. Congrats.


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