Time Capsule – What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?

It would have to be an electrified, refrigerated time capsule because aside from the technical problem involved in keeping stuff frozen indefinitely, there’s but one possible answer, at least if you live around here.

Snow. Ice. More snow. More ice.

For your shivery pleasure, here’s a summary of the past 6 weeks:

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  1. I was going to comment that I love the dog in the yard, when I saw the first comment about that being Bishop on your porch. I then noticed the railings. That’s your porch???? Goodness! We’ve had three less-than-5-inch snows in the past 3 weeks and I am DONE. I just cannot imagine where you are . . Hang in there.


    • We are in south central Massachusetts and this is NOT normal. We do get snow, sometimes quite a lot … but not like this. This has, in fact, set a couple of records, for total amount and for largest snowfall in the shortest time. This all fell in less than 5 weeks. Winter started late … and made up for lost time with a vengeance!


  2. Love the shot of Bishop standing on the back porch. Ditto for your mounded table on the deck! You’ll treasure these for years to come. Every time someone says, “remember the Winter of 2015”?, you’ll bring them up and show your collection of the historic snowfall totals.


  3. How about a big box of kleenex?


  4. We got another 5 inches dumped on us yesterday. I keep telling myself that our local lakes and rivers can use the extra water!

    At least with all the snow, you and Garry could open up your own snow shipping service. Did you see this story? I’m sending it to you to give you a good giggle.


    • I wish him luck in his endeavor. Me, I’ll settle for no more NEW snow and a nice, warming trend so we can get into mud season, then get OUT of mud season and into … dare I say it? Spring. I have seeds. I have saplings. What I don’t have is earth. There’s an awful lot of snow out there, but it’s amazing how quickly it melts once we get some warm weather. I’d like to be able to open my back door one of these days, too 🙂


  5. I just love those cardinal birds. Snow disappeared in my area replaced by sun with some warmth, oh happy days.


  6. I love the picture of the Christmas cactus in front of the window. Every plant I touch dies, so I don’t have any at home. I have an African violet at work (given to me by a coworker), but I make someone else water it and take care of it. That plant has been going strong for a couple of years now, so I know it’s gotta be me!


    • Benign neglect. That’s the secret for Christmas cactus and many other plants. Not much water, put in a bright winter (not necessarily in direct sun, just bright). Leave them along and don’t fuss with them. It’s amazing how well they do 🙂

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  7. … and I think it is cold here today 🙂


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