Dreamlike images remind me of Middle Earth. We are in Maine.


These are the mountains along the Canadian border.


Just look out the cabin door or drive a short way down the mountain. A breathtaking world of color, mist, mountains and clouds. Colors so unreal they feel like magic, as if trees are glowing from within.

And down in along Route 201 toward Skowhegan …

path by the cabin in jackman

We’re heading back in the middle of May. This time, spring. I will always feel at home where the mountains rise to kiss the sky.

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!

27 thoughts on “HIGH IN MISTY MOUNTAINS”

  1. Fantastic photos! Great colours, wonderful composition l, and amazing scenes! Wow, I love the mountains!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Have a great Monday and great week ahead!

    Kind regards,


  2. Being surrounded by mountains I have grown to love them. I used to walk everywhere, today I prefer doing it with the camera or with the gondola. Your mountains are similar to ours, but stretch far into the distance. Some days ours are misty, very similar, other days they are so close that you can almost touch them. Love your photos,


    1. Ever since I read Heidi when I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to see your mountains.The Alps are so romantic.

      I love mountains. When everyone else is heading for the ocean, I yearn for mountains. Autumn is spectacular, of course, but any time of year is beautiful. Maybe because I grew up near the ocean, close enough to smell the salt on the wind whenever the wind blew from the east, but if I had a choice, I chose mountains. We’re going back to Maine in May. Probably will continue to go as long as we can make the trek.

      I have seen the mountains in the background of your pictures and it must be a gift living so near the Alps. I envy you. Fortunately, our mountains aren’t far. New England has 3 (4?) mountain ranges. The Appalachians are the biggest. They start in the lower part of New England and run all the way down the east coast into Georgia … a few thousand miles. They have different names in different places … Green Mountains in New Hampshire, Catskills in New York, Poconos in Pennsylvania. Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina … but all are part of the Appalachian range. When I was a kid, we always went to the Catskills on vacation. They were nearby and inexpensive, easy to get to. Later, as an adult, we went further west to the Adirondacks which go up into Canada. I’ve only seen the Rocky Mountains from an airplane — same way I’ve seen the Alps. Someday, maybe, I’ll see those other mountains.

      Maybe you are really Heidi? Anything is possible 🙂


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