It was nearly sundown in the middle of March. At this time of year, I ought, by rights, to be counting crocus. I am instead taking pictures of piles of frozen slush.


It was after five in the evening and the shadows were long. Bonnie had obviously discovered the snowdrifts were no longer soft, but climbable. Most inconvenient. That one is way too smart for her own good!


Today it’s raining and hopefully, that will reduce the height of the frozen piles of old snow. Maybe even peel away enough layers that we can get to the yellow car we haven’t seen since January.

72-At Home-March-12_25

Maybe, underneath this mess, the flowers are struggling to come out of the earth. Maybe they have already popped up … and are there, waiting, underneath the ice and snow.


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  1. Here in the west, we are bemoaning the lack on snow, and I know that we will feel it sorely come late July and August. Our early flowers all came out in February this year. 😦


    • This will definitely end OUR drought. I am counting that as a silver lining because otherwise, this has been a rough ride. I told Garry I’d taken 1060 pictures in February. He asked me how many were weather-related. I thought about it. “Probably 1000.” Four months of winter packed into about 6 weeks. But the aquifer should be happy.

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  2. Great shots! Wild is the wind here today, too… we thought the house was going to fly off its foundation last night. Hey, it looks as if you have nearly as much snow on the ground as we do. Time for the snow to go, but the memories of Winter 2015 will not be soon forgotten. Have a great week! ❤


    • Thanks Bette. The snow IS melting … but there is so much of it. The level is dropping and I can see half the deck. The other half may not clear until July. We had — in the Valley — probably close to 10 feet on the ground. Much has melted and re-frozen, so instead of snowdrifts, we have ice piles. It’s going to take some really warm weather to finish the meltdown. And none is forecast for the next week or two. It keeps dropping below freezing at night.

      Today’s wind was impressive. I was afraid trees would fall, but we’ve been careful about cutting down sickly trees; it’s paying off now.

      We’ll be in Maine the second week in May, so maybe we can hook up for lunch or something. Let’s hope spring has come by then!


  3. Great photos. I can see the snow is slowly shrinking. Emphasis on slowly.


  4. You can see that the wells around the trees are getting bigger. The snow will soon be an old memory.


  5. The good news is – the snow melted off the big bush in front of my house, and the bush has REVIVED! The bad news is – I took Cody out for her morning ritual, stepped off the sidewalk along the side of the house, and went ankle deep into MUD. Definitely not looking forward to more melting.


  6. how sad to think the crocus(croci?) are struggling to pop out under all that snow. I was thinking yesterday that we have made it through another winter, to wake up to 28 degrees this morning with a wind chill factor of 15.


    • It still looks like winter … but I keep thinking it just HAS to end soon. The well guy called to say as soon as there’s ground, he’ll finish the work. And I said “Good, because I’d like to pay you!”

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