Monthly Photo Challenge:

The Changing Seasons 03

The rules are simple. Every month, each of us posts pictures of the same area where we live that shows the seasons as they change. This month should look more springlike. There is less snow than there was in February. Probably several feet less, but it snowed the day before yesterday, laying down a few new inches of powder.

It seemed so unfair, it being the first day of spring and all. I hope by the next month, I will have pictures of flowers. These were taken over a period of a week.

Perhaps the grass will be green again and the robins will be nesting.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!


    1. Thank you. If snow weren’t beautiful, no one would survive our winters. It’s supposed to be nesting time for the birds, but I suspect that too is delayed. Everything is waiting for the winds to shift. The weather guy says next week. I hope he is right!


        1. It’s well below freezing today, but at least it isn’t snowing. The forecast says the winds will change next week and we will stop getting arctic weather. That’s the problem. Wind patterns normally change in the middle of March and start bringing warm breezes from the south. This year, they have stayed in a winter pattern. The animals and birds are suffering most. Their food supply is long exhausted.


  1. I love the photo of the trees reflecting in the water. You really do still have mounds of snow still to melt. Let’s hope for the warm up this week! Love those birds


    1. The soft drifts have turned to solid ice — melting, refreezing, over and over. The dogs just walk out of the yard via the land bridge. I can’t think about that or it WILL make me crazy. It’s 16 degrees this morning. 16. That’s not a spring-like number.

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  2. I know it’s easy for me to say it from my sunny and dry corner of the world, but the photogenic New England winter beauty is hard to match. Gorgeous pics! The bird is just so beautiful. And yes, the grass wiii shoot from the ground as will daffodils and other spring beauties. Best to you as you wait for a well deserved respite from the cold and snow.


    1. I know, but this is late for the land to be so frozen. Our dogs are just walking out of the yard over the frozen drifts that are hard enough to climb and we can’t stop them. It would take a fork life to stop them, so we just try not to think about it. We need some WARM weather.


  3. Isn’t nature a little cruel, just teasing you by allowing the snow to melt, and then bringing it back. We are now officially into autumn and the nights and mornings are definitely cooler.


  4. The thing I’ve noticed is that there’s more of that white, light, burning thing up in the sky and the sky is this weird blue color instead of doomsday gray. Or I could be suffering some kind of hallucinations from living in a basement.


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