After a long string of relatively aimless, free-range days, yesterday came with a mission. I needed sunglasses and was determined to end the day with a new pair.


I lost my prescription sunglasses during the wild and crazy weeks of October 2014 during which we were on the road most of the time. I don’t know precisely when they vanished or where. If I knew that, I could find them. I would not need new ones.

Did they fall out of my bag? Had I — as I am wont to do — shoved them in the side panel of the car door and they fell out along the way? Perhaps at a gas station or a diner? It has happened before, but always I noticed and retrieved them.


I’ve been ultra protective of those glasses. I have worn the same frame for close to 15 years. Flattering. Comfortable. Elegant. I felt like a movie star when I wore them and I was sure I looked 25 years younger. And glamorous.


Losing them was a minor tragedy. I have been in denial, sure they were hiding from me, but would appear magically somewhere I never thought to look.

But the days came and went … and as the sun gets brighter, I knew I had lost them for good. Like losing a friend with whom you share many memories. They’d been with me at Disney World. Ridden the Cyclone and Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens. Climbed hills in New Hampshire and Maine, and helped me take pictures up and down the east coast.

I swam with them in the azure waters off Haiti. They protected my eyes while I gazed, awe-struck, at the Grand Canyon. Now, they were gone. Mourning time was finished. I needed sunglasses.


I couldn’t go back to Walmart because I’ve been banned … not by Walmart, but by the crook who runs the Vision department for having the temerity to report his crookery to Medicare for double … maybe triple … billing. Whistle blowers always take a hit, but this was not such a big hit.

I had to buy my glasses at Lenscrafters instead of Walmart. Some might consider it an upgrade.

Yesterday I discovered the gorgeous new Ray-Bans I ordered 12 days ago would never appear. My prescription was incompatible with the frames. Only slightly daunted, we hauled ourselves back the Lenscrafters in Auburn. Where I ordered new frames and lenses. I would only buy a frame for which the lenses could be made “in-house” because my patience for waiting while the glasses when out to a lab was all used up. I was feeling downright cranky about it.

I explained that I would end the day with sunglasses. No option B.


Determination won the day and I have a lovely pair of Ralph Lauren frames. The lenses are not the pure gray I expected but have a hint of rose in them. I can tell by the sky, which looks so much bluer than it does with my eyes alone. Although I’m still grieving for those I lost, I will learn to love the ones I’m near.

In the course of this longest day in months, we found ourselves needing to fill a 4 hour intermission while Lenscrafters tinted and ground my lenses. Garry and I are not mall rats, but we had a list of errands, many of them long deferred — as in have been waiting to get done for years.

First, though, we took a long walk to the other end of the mall to by a couple of Annie’s Pretzels … the absolutely best pretzels anywhere.

As I limped along, I though about Pat at CHRONICLES OF AN ANGLO SWISS. Pat has been taking daily walks, trying to regain her lost mobility. It has been working for her and she looks terrific whereas I look like a proper marshmallow. Thus I pushed myself from one end of the mall to the other and I though of her as I trudged along.

We are very close in age, similar in other ways too. If she can do it, I can do it. I kept walking. Remarkably, I began to feel better by the end of the walk. Maybe it is time for my long-delayed rehabilitation.

We ate our pretzels in the big massage chairs in the middle of the mall. Then we hiked back to the watch kiosk and Garry had new batteries put in his two favorite watches, neither of which has worked in a couple of years. Ticktock. Garry’s watches are telling time. Another check in the win column.

Three more hours to fill. In our senior version of mall hopping, we drove to Millbury where we hit PetSmart for dog food (bravely buying a different flavor — let no one say we are not adventurous) and biscuits to feed the ever-hungry pack.

One more stop.Target.


It’s spring. The dust and the dirt of winter somehow seems dustier and dirtier than it did in February. I need to clean. And it’s long overdue for buying new mops, dusters, and various cleansers. Two and a half hours left to go. We went home to drop off all the stuff. Garry was bushed. Me too, but I had a bug in my brain. I wanted those sunglasses, damn it.

I called Lenscrafters. Ready!! Garry reluctantly hauled himself to his feet and off we went. Again.

I have sunglasses!

Our to-do list is completed. Exhausted but triumphant, we had survived our longest day. I’m ready for you, world. I’m safe from sun and prepared for the upcoming (or so rumor has it) warm weather with plenty of sunshine!

(Afterwards, the ballerina called her husband on a cell phone and told him to meet her at the two-story McDonald’s in the middle of Shanghai to celebrate ...)

Daily Prompt: Third from the Top 

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  1. sounds so productive- but where’s the photo of you in those new Ralph Laurens??


    • Garry wasn’t out of bed yet. I’ll hit on him to take some pictures next time we go shooting … probably next week. I thought about doing a selfie, but I was too tired to do the set up, which is tricky inside while wearing sunglasses.

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  2. That was quite the mission. I’m glad it ended in success! If I was in town with 4 hours to kill I don’t know what I’d do with myself.


  3. Well you can look back and say you have achieved a lot in the long day. Great photos to show it too.


  4. Almost a year ago when I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I had a hard time moving around. Just walking downstairs was a hassle and my legs and feet felt heavy and stiff. Walking was hurtful. It got better after I changed my diet…still just getting up in the morning hurt. I researched and a lot of people changed their diet like me, but they although exercised on a daily base. I started walking. Every day I grab the dogs and walk in the park at least 2 miles. I bought a treadmill in a garage sale for rainy an snowy days. My mobility is back to normal, even better than normal. Some days I don’t feel like walking, but I do…it’s just part of my daily aging routine. We can’t reverse aging or magically cure our health issues, but we should try to keep our mobility as long as possible. I can’t comment on the sunglasses, because I don’t want to out myself as an eyeglass horder -yet.


    • I’ve got RA, but more problematic is the spinal osteo arthritis. It’s the result of old surgery, old injuries and gets worse each year. It’s kind of very bad. But we all have the same choice. Keep moving or give up and take to a chair. I want to stay on my feet as long as that option is available. My RA is relatively minor. I know people with much worse cases than mine, but the osteo more than makes up for it. I had a spinal fusion and laminectomy in 1967 which has disintegrated over past half century. And 10/10/10 I lost both breasts to cancer, and just one year ago, I had massive heart surgeries (5 in total) … my sternum isn’t healed yet and may never entirely fuse. I’m strung together with wire. I hope it is very STRONG wire.


  5. Glad Marilyn finally got her sunglasses and we did the Lucky Strike Extra visit to Tar-Zhay. We really needed the household cleaning stuff we got. But, It was a long, long, long day. My body has too many miles on it for such days.

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  6. That was a wonderful story about a day well spent. I switched to transition lenses years ago and love that the VA didn’t bat an eye on giving me a new pair two years ago. I’m due for my annual eye exam at the VA clinic in May and I’m able to order more frames and lenses, a two year benefit. They also provide good quality titanium frames for my trifocals. I prefer these to progressive bifocals/trifocals.

    Right now I don’t have a primary physician so in a month I’ll check with the clinic to see if they can come up with one. Right now there’s only one VA doctor in the clinic with hundreds of patients. I wis Obama’s promise to hire more would trickle down our way.

    Without a doctor there’s nobody to bug me about my weight, blood pressure or diabetes. Unfortunately it leaves me running to the VA Hospital with a 6 hour waiting line just to see a doctor. Things are stacked up everywhere.

    I’m glad you had a happy ending to your story and were able to persevere.


    • I have a doctor. I don’t much like him, but he is at least efficient. A long drive, though. An hour each way. I get one pair of glasses every other year on BCBS + Medicare. I don’t like the transition lenses or progressives. It’s convenient, but it doesn’t work for me. I don’t need glasses to read anyway, just for distance and middle vision and my eyes have not changed at all in two years (yay). So all my glasses are still fine, except of course, for losing the sunglasses (bummer).

      It WAS a day well spent, but it was busy and tiring and we are still tired today. We are not the energetic folks we used to be.

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  7. Sounds like a good day to me!


  8. Words from Mr. Swiss “you must be soul mates”. I do have aches and pains, a few twinges to remind me that I am no longer 20 or 30, even 40, but I can do it. Today was a walkless day. Mr. Swiss was busy reprogramming our robot lawn mower and had a few software problems which he helped to cure with a few muttered incantations. It began to rain so I was confined to the living room and a chair. I actually missed my walk, and so did my camera, but I am already planning tomorrows marathon.

    I must say congratulations. Walks in the country are one thing, but I avoid shopping walks when I can. I am dreading my wedding clothing excursion when I have to buy something for son No. 2’s wedding. Thank goodness Mr. Swiss does his own thing and is also taking care of son No. 1’s dress. It is two weddings, one civil and one church, so I will have to buy two different garments. I am not looking foward to it. I admire your perseverence in the Mall exertions.

    I like your new sunglasses, they look great.I don’t do sunglasses, Mr. Swiss is the expert, he always has two pairs of glasses made, one with and one without sun protection. My nose is on the larger side, and if I wear them I get a sun tan (more red) on my nose and resemble a clown.

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    • Yes, I too get a red nose, but it’s better than torching the skin around my eyes. It’s so dry and fragile, it just needs some serious sun to finish it off. My eyeballs will just fall out. Ick.

      I think we are soul mates. That you’ve been able get yourself moving has been a big encouragement for me. Right now, it’s walk in a mall or stay home. There’s so much ice still around, most sidewalks are treacherous and the parks and lawns are still covered with ice that used to be snow. But warmer days are coming and soon. The winds are shifting to our warm weather pattern. They will stop shooting down across Canada from the Arctic and start hooking around and coming up from the south. It means more rain, usually, but much warmer temperatures. I can hardly wait!



  1. Where are my glasses? | Ivy Mosquito | Liberating My Creative Soul

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