Everything is ephemeral. Anything pictured today, anything you capture with your camera, is forever frozen in time.

Dawn in March

Dawn in March

Even if change is minimal and even though it may seem invisible, nothing remains the same.

March sunrise

March sunrise

Not from day-to-day, nor from hour-to-hour. A reminder to snap that shutter now. There is never “going back.” The moment, once gone, is forever out of reach.

10 thoughts on “EVERYTHING CHANGES

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    • I hadn’t thought about it until I gave a camera to friend. It was her first “real” camera and we went out. It was a great day, one of those rare days when you can’t do anything wrong. She got a couple of hundred really stunning images. It was her first “shoot” and she was going to delete a bunch of them because, she said, “I can go back any time.” I stopped her. “No, you can’t,” I said. “You can never go back. You could come here a thousand times more and the light and the shadows would never be quite the same.” And then I added, “It doesn’t always go quite this well … ” I realized as I said it that you can shoot the same place many times and I do, but never are the pictures the same.

      Photography is the art of capturing the moment and the moment is unique. Always. Whatever else we do with our cameras, that’s the bottom line.

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      • Ephemeral. You sure talk fancy. But you are dead on about getting that picture on first opportunity. I felt the same way about video in my career. And, I feel the same way now as I am discovering (thanks to you) the fun in photography. I also have good peripheral vision so I often go after that first image even if it isn’t clear in the view finder. Sometimes it’s a crap shoot. When you get that shot, it’s a wonderful “high”. I’m glad someone got the shot of our toddler Granddaughter playing tricks on Gramps. Now, it’s a classic…for the ages.


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