Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colorful monotone


I like monotone. I often wear outfits that are essentially monotone and my home decor tends to be tone-on-tone too. I choose clothing — and furniture — so that each part of the outfit or decor blends (rather than stands out) as a variant hue of a base color.

swans a pair


Garry asks me why I don’t dress with more contrast. He loves contrast … bright against dark.

Dawn after the blizzard

I can’t give a sensible answer. I love the subtlety of tone on tone. I always have. In the end, I guess we don’t need reasons to like what we like.

November Mallards Mumford

I prefer subtle shading to big splashes of color. Probably why I’ve never pursued HDR. Perhaps it’s because I started out learning photography on a completely manual camera using black and white film.

Yellow Bough

More likely, I always had that preference and all it took was a medium — photography — to bring it out.

Dawn Glow

Be that as it may, this challenge was made for me. Thank you Cee!

Pumpkin Patch 9


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  3. Back in the late 40’s and early 50’s, poverty row movie studios which couldn’t afford technicolor, used cheaper things like trucolor, cinecolor, super-cinecolor, etc. These were interesting in their hues, often looking like early mono chrome moving pictures.


  4. Such beautiful images Marilyn. I tend to dress monotone mostly too, but when I do wear contrast people always comment how great it looks. I think I like the understated more than the pop of wow. Just like the snow on the ground this first day of April, in contrast with the green grass. Arghhhhhhh


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