Soft focus. Blurry. Out-of-focus. Depending on whether you did it on purpose or accidentally, it’s can be a technique or an error.  As often as not, it is what I call a “happy accident.” It isn’t what you intended, but it looks so much better than you what you were trying to do.  The bad news? Happy accidents are hard to duplicate.


The birds, carousel, and cars in all three pictures were moving faster than my camera could capture them in the available light. I love the blurring.

spinning carousel 11

I love motion blur.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.



  1. All the three shots are excellent but the first one is really stunning. An obvious choice for a nature lover. Coincidently I too shared pics of birds for this week’s photo challenge.


    • The birds are so busy that time in the morning. There were flocks of seagulls and terns, plovers and other seabirds. They flew in groups. This is apparently prime fishing for our feathered friends. This was a lucky shot. It’s hard to get a flock in flight and I was happy to get this one. I got lots of individual birds on the ground, but in the air, it’s harder — for me. I’m not quick on the shutter button 🙂

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  2. That first one is especially stunning.

    My blog header was a happy mistake. My daughter, who created it, got really upset when I used it because of the slight fuzziness. She want to re-do it to make it sharper. I told her I liked the fuzziness because it makes me think of the fuzziness in a writer’s mind just before coming up with that great idea. The header has not been changed since its creation, nor will it be.


    • 😀 Motion blur emphasizes movement. I’ve more or less learned the technique, but it doesn’t always come out quite the way I want. It’s not as precise as other photographic techniques.


        • It requires you stand still. Focus on something that isn’t moving, then shoot whatever you want blurry as it passes. The birds were a lucky shot. The cars and carousel were intentional, but because you can’t predict 100% how it will come out, you have to take a LOT of pictures!

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