When the snow melts after a long winter, all kinds of stuff shows up. Dog toys and the flower pots I meant to throw away but didn’t get to it before the first blizzard. A hat and a single glove. The other snow shovel and a missing broom. It also signaled the reappearance of our 2002 yellow Pontiac Sunbird that disappeared at the end of January.


After all the aggravation and expense of replacing my missing sunglasses, they were in the glove compartment of the yellow car. Garry said he thought they were in the car. I was so utterly convinced I’d looked for (and not found) them before the first blizzard, I bought a new pair.


During the past ten days, it has often rained. The snow finally melted allowing Garry to get into the car to look around. And, there were my sunglasses. The beloved sunglasses I’ve had forever, or nearly forever.

My favorite sunglasses were in the glove box the whole time.

yellow car emerging from snow

Now, I own two pairs of sunglasses. I know it’s okay to own two pair of prescription eyeglasses. I have two pair of computer glasses, two pair of regular distance glasses. I don’t think they are a luxury.


I have two pair of prescription sunglasses, and I feel like a criminal. Guilty about spending the money, as if I’d bought a frivolous, expensive item I don’t need.

I’ve been poor too long.


So today’s prompt asks “If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?” Unless I get airfare and a vacation to go with it, the answer is, I wouldn’t switch because I can’t see any reason why I’d want to. Or why anyone would want to.


These days, I don’t find my own skin particularly comfortable or well-fitting. I have no interest in slipping into someone else’s — unless there’s some other payoff. Like a trip to Switzerland, India or Colorado.

I’m having a “Huh?” moment. Why would anyone want to swap blogs? I might want to swap lives for a short time just to see how it felt to live in their universe.


But switch blogs? Blogs aren’t us, just stuff we post on the Internet.

Maybe I’m just dense today. I’ll have some more coffee. See if it clears the cobwebs. So many silly questions, so little time.



I was tagged by Cordelia’s Mom, Still to participate in this challenge. 

It turns out that no one is quite sure where this challenge originated, but everyone seems to be enjoying it. It’s got only two rules:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using one of your photos in B&W. It doesn’t have to be new or any particular subject. Just black and white.

2. Each day, invite another blog friend to join in the fun. The hard part is finding people who haven’t done it already, and would like to play.


On this fifth day of the challenge, I invite you (you know who you are!) to participate. You don’t have to play if you’re too busy or prefer not to, but you are officially (formally) invited.

The following sunrise I used a bi-tone filter so that it’s dark gray at the top, transitioning to soft moss-green approaching the bottom.


The hardest subjects for me to do in black and white are nature and landscapes. I find these subjects easier to do in color, but I have had some surprise successes in monochrome. I’m also enjoying playing around with color toning.