Some of us don’t have a news service per se running on our device, computer, tablet, telephone, whatever. I am one of those people. It took a long time for me to me to untether from the constant background chatter of news and breathless headlines. Especially difficult having a husband who was one of those guys who stood in front of the camera announcing the latest calamity, crises, act of God, murder-du-jour, scandal, whatever.

He too has largely detached from the constant barrage of what passes for news in 2015. Instead of rejecting all news, he has redefined it. Baseball is news. Movies, books, plays, and television shows are news. The rest is noise. When elections roll around, we begin to follow the political news. And we vote. Even in local elections.

Otherwise, news is one more way the world raises our blood pressure and ruins a good night’s sleep.

But wait! I pop in and out of Facebook, so that is my news. So in the spirit of the prompt of the day, here’s the third headline from my Facebook feed:

got nothing against God

I don’t think I have much to add to the sentiment. I didn’t post it myself, so don’t go weird on me. You asked, I delivered.

Take it for what it’s worth. Ponder it. Consider the underlying meaning. Whether or not it fits your idea of reality, your relationship with the religious element in the politics of the region in which you live.

Get back to me on that. My work here is finished.

Ripped from the Headlines

Click to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

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  1. If I may enter the unauthorized response from God to this:

    Unfortunately, Marilyn, fans will be fans. You’ve seen it with Justin Bieber, you’ve seen it with John Lennon – who as you recall, was briefly a bigger celeb than me – and you’ve seen it with me and the boy. At least I realized early on that it was best not to be photographed, and to make public appearances spontaneous, brief and to-the-point.

    Everyone wants their fandom to bring them exclusivity. As soon as they get some of that, then their jealous friends start putting down the celeb they’re a fan of. God sucks, they say – or Justin, as the case may be. Then the fans get shirty with the putter-downers, and you have a whole fracas going on.

    It doesn’t help much if your celebrity rests on espousing love in some form. Here you can see my examples of Justin and John are again divinely apropos. Sorry, by the way, that neither of them happens to be a girl – that’s just coincidence. I picked John because he preached secular love and got assassinated – glad no girl celeb I can think of has had that experience lately. Justin was all about love and it only started him down the long road to disillusionment and ‘you’re so lame.’ Anyway, you know that I’m not a chauvinist at heart – I talked about my womb in the book of Job, and for all you guys know, the kid could have been XX with just one little SRY gene to make him male, thus genetically a bit of both. I’m not telling. The point is, when you try to get your fans on some sort of a track that is based on loving one another, it often just adds to their agitation.

    For example, I think it’s darn (can’t bring myself to swear) regrettable that some folks get so tied up in knots of ego and distrust that they go from being crazy about each other to divorcing. Who wouldn’t set up an ideal that tried to get folks to rediscover their love? The kid made some statements, which I authorized naturally, that tried to discourage guys from dumping their wives out of boredom or annoyance when they got older – and next thing you know, you’ve got the idea that people are going to burn in hell because they wouldn’t let some self-determined knucklehead abuse them repeatedly. The whole ‘hell’ thing was just a parallel of ‘outer darkness’ — these things were illustrations of the idea that if you shrink to the point you can’t truly love anyone, you’ve made yourself disappear – you’ve burned up, maybe forever if you never mend your ways. Self-absorption contains as much agony as flame, because it’s all suffering and no actual pain — only the spirit is burning, not the skin. One tries to get one’s fans to understand these things. But fans work on the KISS principle, most of them.

    One does what one can when one is One. *sigh*

    All my love.


    • You are what you are. I understand. It’s not just about football. What a pity people have to turn a mystery into something negative. They do you a terrible disservice. They turn people against you when supposedly they are doing exactly the opposite. People don’t get you. Pity about that. They don’t understand about metaphor, don’t understand the difference between art, an idea, and “facts.” We’re a pretty messed up bunch, we human. Some of us are still trying to get it right. We may never succeed, but we will keep trying. Promise!

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  2. Since I am a day late I might be able to post a comment and will get away with it( (?). I read this a while back and it made me laugh. It sums what I think or feel about religion and hope you won’t mind: Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one and it’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around… and PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my child’s throat.


  3. Yes….If God were as petty as his most devout followers, I’d be worried…https://grieflessons.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/the-news-is-too-much-with-us/


  4. I am trying to turn off the news but it is a hard habit to break. Luckily we don’t have much religion on the news here in New Zealand – the news is bad enough anyway.

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  5. That’s a great headline. So many people in so many churches in the west would agree. I’ve yet to hear a complaint like that in the not-west.

    I get my news from the only local paper (which is but a mouthpiece of one of the political parties here) and from a couple of blogs that follow the issues I’m interested in, even if I don’t agree with their left or right wing slant.


    • I am very out of touch. We only watch the news if something is on in which we are specifically interested. Today the verdict for the Boston Marathon bomber came down. To no one’s surprise, guilty on every count. The only question is whether or not to sentence him to life without parole or death. It’s a federal case (terrorism). Otherwise, there would be no death penalty since Massachusetts doesn’t have it. We watched the news for a while — until they started parading the weeping victims; then Garry turned it off in obvious disgust. The next time we watch news that isn’t about sports will be when they decide on the penalty. I’m against the death penalty, but, for this particular guy, I might make an exception.

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  6. I’m ambivalent about god. If it exists I’ll find out soon enough. If not, then it wasn’t worth worrying about. I think you’re in pretty shaky behavioral grounds if you need some Other to keep you in line with threats and promises. Now, religion on the other hand, is the worst invention ever.

    Andrew Weil came up with the notion of a news diet years ago in one of his books. It is the only diet I can stick to and glad I can.

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    • I had been saying the same thing for while, so it was nice when other people started promoting the idea. I was living with, then married to, a news reporter. I knew the constant barrage of bad news was hard on me and was eating Garry from the inside. He saw stuff on a daily basis no one should see.

      Even when things were at their worst, when we had NO money and seemed likely to lose the house, he was STILL happier than he had been the last 10 years at channel 7.

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  7. All too often the word ‘conservative’ has been hijacked by right wing Christian nut cases. Time was it was just the opposite of liberal, but now it’s more complex. Not that I find myself hanging out at that end of the spectrum very much. Here in Canada many Dems would find themselves on the fairly far right of things. It is all relative.


    • I’m really unhappy with how religion has been politicized. One of the founding principles of the U.S. was seperation of church and state, but somehow, it has gotten buried. It has made me very reluctant to get involved in political dialogue.

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  8. That sums it up perfectly.

    and, before any one frets, I know there are zealots on all other sides too.


  9. I only really have interest in local news as such, and who is interested in the price of milk in Switzerland at the moment. Yes, we have general elections in the next few months, but I have no idea who is doing what and where. I also have nothing against God, never met him. Everyone to their own thing I say.

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    • That was the third “headline” on Facebook this morning. I’m just following orders. Otherwise, I am mainly completely out of touch and overall, it suits me. Elections matter around here, probably more than they do over there … but unless we have one coming up, I don’t pay much attention. I’m tired of the whole mess. And more than a little disgusted.


  10. Sensitive topic with too many heated reactions. It would be great if religion and public life remained distinct, the way they were initially. There has been a shift in the last two decades, I think, and it’s too bad that people feel the need to convince others to share their religious belief. In the end it creates more problems than good around us.


  11. A valuable sentiment. Incidentally, two recent movies from Bollywood were based entirely on such themes – Oh, My God and PK. I guess more and more people are realizing the fact highlighted here. Many are turning to spirituality.


  12. I was baptized into a fundamentalist church, and I usually vote Republican for fiscal reasons. However, I cringe when politicians try to legislate morality. This week, a committee in our state legislature voted to declare the Bible as the state’s official book. It is ludicrous.

    I am looking forward to the politician who says they are pro-business and also believes in the validity of Evolution. I would be that politician, but I couldn’t get elected.


    • Garry was offered a seat on the town council when we first moved here. He knew it was because he was the only non-white person in town AND he was on television. But that wasn’t why he said ‘no.’ He refused because he said we would lose ever single shred of privacy. People would be in the driveway throwing rocks at the windows. In this Democratic stronghold, you might be surprised (or not) at how many strongly fundamentalist pols control the area. I do not understand how “right” and “conservative” became synonymous with “reactionary fundamentalist.”

      You could get elected if you lied about what you really believe. I think that’s how the big boys do it.

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  13. In both sincerity and irony, I say, Amen.


  14. God, save me from your followers. Same sentiment I saw on a bumper sticker once.

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