Thursday’s Special: Panorama

Today the Thursday’s Special theme is Panorama. It does not to have to be a panorama of an ancient city, or city at all, nor does it have to be a photo stitched of multiple images as in my case of Venice. Show me your pictures of views that you found inspiring.

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I don’t stitch images. I don’t do HDR. I don’t have a panorama camera. I do, however, take vistas when I see them because they can be breathtaking. I can’t resist an amazing image.



All of these are favorites. Mountains and valleys … and a city. Extra points if you can spot Fenway Park!



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  1. All the shots are amazing!


  2. Stunning vistas. So breathtaking.


  3. Every time You share the stunning pics of your Vermont trip I feel so strongly to visit this dropdead gorgeous velley. The scenery is breathtaking and it makes me feel as if I am in a art gallery watching the paintings.


  4. P.S. It was not easy to decide which I like best, and finally I did. The light in all of them is perfect. Thank you again for sharing your magic.


    • Thank you 🙂 Last autumn was magic. I’ve lived in the northeast almost my entire life. I’ve seen and photographed many autumns. This one — maybe because we were way up north in the mountains rather than in the lowlands — was spectacular. As we were driving down the mountains traveling from Maine to Vermont, every time we rounded a corner, the scenery took my breath away. It was a storybook autumn.

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  5. This is so breathtakingly beautiful and generous of you, Marilyn. I am speechless. THANK YOU!

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  6. Cannot wait to be back! So gorgeous. Some of your photos look like paintings.


    • It was actually even MORE beautiful than I was able to capture. We had the most glorious autumn last year. Maybe mother nature was paying it forward for the awful winter to come. It was honestly breathtaking and somehow, the camera seemed inadequate to capture it.


  7. I love it when the clouds form a sort of mist low down as seen in two of your pictures. I saw it on the way to work months ago but didn’t want to stop to take a picture. Now I’m still waiting for it to happen again! There’s a handy lay-by at just the right point.


    • Thank you. You must live in or near a valley. It is a beautiful sight, but very transient. Not one of the pictures you can save for “later.” It doesn’t wait for you 🙂


  8. Amazing beautiful photos Marylin



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