It is spring. The calendar is unequivocal.

Spring has officially been here for nearly three weeks. Sure enough, if you look carefully, you can see the signs. Crocuses in the garden. Fat buds on trees and vines.

Our back garden is full of day lily shoots. They have a lot of growing to do before they bloom — a month or more — but they’re coming up thick and fast. It’s going to be a bonanza year for day lilies. I hope their enthusiasm is contagious.

This past weekend, the temperatures soared. The sun came out and stayed out.


And we emerged.  Winter-pale, wearing crumpled shorts and tee shirts pulled from the bottom of drawers in which they have lain since last October. Squinting in the strong sunlight. Winter is finally over. We won!

Hauling cameras and fishing poles, kayaks and canoes. Picnic baskets. Umbrellas and lawn blankets. With small frisky dogs in tow.

It was the first sunny Sunday after the worst-ever winter.

No leaves yet on the trees. Nor were any flowers — wild or cultivated — to be seen. There is a world of hope for more sunny days and weeks stretching ahead. It’s the beginning. Never have we deserved it more.


  1. Joyous Spring … after a brutal Winter.
    I recall the wonder when I lived on the farm at Brooks. A bit torn though because we loved hockey and there goes our ice.


    • Thank you. I’m also no boat expert. Think they were kayaks. It’s terrific seeing the REAL emergence of Spring.


    • Thanks, Raewyn. And, yep, I enjoyed my “39th” birthday last week. Marilyn did a google search on my birthday “twins” who include James Garner and “Crazy” Joe Gallo, the infamous mobster. Nice company.


  2. Love the picture of Marilyn in the bushes :-). Every day I walk outside in my yard and look at the plants and flower beds. It’s exciting to see them come back to life. My husband bought me a rosebush last year, I left it in the pot and it spend all winter long in the garage. I forgot about it. Moved it back outside and saw that there were already leaves on the plant. The decided it was springtime, even in the dark garage. Glad it survived this winter.

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    • I bought three little live Christmas trees and they are now in the ground. It looks like they made it, against all odds. They were so dry, the needles all falling off, I had little hope for them. I was wrong. The roots are healthy and it’s the roots that count. There’s some deeper meaning in that statement. It’s another beautiful day. Yay, spring!

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    • Lady bug, Lady Bug. I just kept snapping those pictures of Marilyn hoping I’d get something she would like. It’s wonderful that we have survived the winter of discontent to share our stories. Hurrah for your rosebush!!


  3. Isn’t it wonderful when it happens. It seems to be an entirely new world. We have had the experience for the past month, but waking up in the morning to sun and bird song makes the wait all worth while.

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