Early Bird

For this week’s photo challenge, get up early and explore the morning light.

Living on the east coast in a house that faces east, sunrise is a much easier capture than sunset. There are sunrises in the deep part of winter. The glowing sky over a world buried deep under snow and ice.



There is a new challenge called Five Photos, Five Stories.  And I secretly hoped to be asked to participate in it. Looked like it was right up my alley.  Sure enough, Cee at  Cee’s Photography Blog asked me to join!

I have been following Cee and participating in her challenges for a while.  If you aren’t familiar with her and her beautiful work, I invite you to visit her.

The rules of Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive day

2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual.

3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. This is fun, not a command performance!


When you have had a lot of heart surgery or other heart-related issues, you develop a relationship with a cardiologist. You don’t get a choice about this. It’s a package deal. They fix your heart, you show up and let them check you out. Because I also have a pacemaker, they also tune me up.

They turn my pacemaker up, then lower it. They take a readout of everything that has happened to me since the last time I was there. The make adjustments, then tell me how much longer I’ve got before my battery needs changing. I’m battery-operated at least for the next 11 to 12 years. I’m not sure whether I find this information reassuring or icky. Maybe both?

It was, overall, an interesting day. When we drove into Boston around noon, nothing was blooming. Not a bush, a tree, a flower. When we began our drive back 3 hours later, the magnolias and dogwood were blooming, and I was cleared to not see the cardiologist for an entire year.

I got the thumbs up. Really. He gave me a thumbs up, said I am looking good, and asked the question we all want to hear: “Have you lost weight? You look thinner!”

I have lost a little bit, and I do look a lot better than I did — which would not be hard.

It was a pretty good day, as this kind of day goes. Traffic was no worse than normal, which means heavy but moving, mostly. We got to the Kenmore Square exit, and it had ceased to exist. The ramp was gone, and the entire area was in tatters. It’s good we used to live around there because they didn’t even have a detour sign up. We went to the Copley Square exit and backtracked through Back Bay and Kenmore, past Fenway Park (how glad we were no game in progress!) and finally, the hospital area.

Without a single wrong turn. Yay, US! Finally, at last, Beth Israel and the worst parking garage ever built. Despite the odds, we found a parking spot — a good one — on the first pass. The lab tech was waiting for me; the doctor was available. And we were out in an hour. Holy moley, it was a miracle.

While we were in Boston, spring arrived in New England. I wish I could have stopped and taken pictures of the blooming trees, but traffic was not cooperative, and the streets of Back Bay and Brookline are not park-and-stop friendly.

The picture was taken from the car window as we left the city via Route 9. Normally a terrible, crowded nightmare of a road that combines narrow lanes, lots of traffic, with limited access … it was pretty good yesterday.

Pretty good. And my battery won’t run out until at least 2026. Imagine that!

I’ll nominate someone to carry on the mission tomorrow. Right now, gotta run!



Welcome everyone to Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge. This challenge subject is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, we move from one place to another on. You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride them, as long as the way is visible. Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.



And this week, the snow is gone and the roads have reappeared. It’s a brand new world!



72-West-Route 9-Driving_16



Regarding your fridge, is it organized or a mess inside?

Both. Organized, insofar as I put stuff on the same shelves all the time. But, I’m not the only one using the fridge. Some people, who shall remain nameless, don’t worry about object placement. Worse, leftovers tend to get shoved to the back where they grow legs and try to escape. Ew!

Have you ever been a participant in a parade? What did you do?

Garry and I were in the Shriners Rodeo. Twice. On horseback. We had to gallop around the ring and not fall off.


I’ve been a parade onlooker a few times, twice by accident.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

I don’t. I’m short, plump, white-haired and slow-moving. I’m invisible.


If you are asking the question in a metaphysical sense, you get a slightly different answer. I have some talent for photography and writing. I’m smart, but not as smart as I used to be. I think a lot of my brain cells got tired and died. Or maybe the drugs of my youth finally caught up with me. It was fun while it lasted.

Je ne regrette rien.

How many bones, if any, have you broken?

I broke a toe jumping into a pool with my toes pointed when I was 13. Or maybe 14.

Shortly thereafter, I grew a benign but large tumor on my right tibia, so they removed a small section and replaced it with a plastic pin.

I lost several pieces of my spine when I was 19. Spinal fusion and laminectomy of L-3-4-5.  Last year, they cracked my sternum to replace the mitral valve, cut down the overgrown muscle in my left ventricle, do a bypass, insert a pacemaker, and drain my lungs.

My chest has not healed. I can hear it grinding when I move. I’m told it will heal eventually. I hope so. It’s icky. When I press gently on my chest, I can feel the bones shift. TMI?