This is the kind of stupid thing I do which can be a big hit or a total flop. I have no idea if anyone is interested. If you are not, please do not participate. Don’t be a pill about it, though. I’m not recruiting anyone.

I would like to keep telling stories linked to pictures. To help the process along, I’ll publish a picture and write something about it. You can use my picture as a prompt. Or you use any picture you like as a jumping off point. Link back to me (send a pingback) and I’ll publish it.

I’m not going to do this every day because that’s a bit more responsibility than I’m ready to take on. I’m aiming for at least two weekdays — Tuesday and Thursday to start. I’ll do more if I see sufficient interest.

I’ve been reluctant to host a regular “challenge” because my life is full of challenges and they aren’t much fun. You will have to forgive me if I miss a day here and there, or if Thursday is comes out on Friday. I’ll do the best I can.

Each of you is free to jump in. No themes for now except what’s in the picture. My current thinking is to leave things loose. No one needs to worry if they have “the right” picture.

What do I mean by story? Something written in words.

Poetry, prose, fact, or fiction. A couple of lines about the camera and how you got the shot. A fanciful tale of time travel and parallel worlds. Video if that’s your thing. Old pictures from your scrap-book. Weird pictures from the internet. Cartoons. Pictures of your family vacation and how the bear stole your food.

Your trip to Paris. You flight from Irkutsk. You favorite dog, cat, ferret, cockatoo. The weird boyfriend you had in high school. The last book you read, the next book you plan to read, or why you don’t read books (but you write them)(don’t write them)(would like to write them).

Television shows, movie stars, classic film, history, language. Fiction, non-fiction. Everything, anything as long as you include a picture and some text.

It sounds simple. It is simple. Every picture has a story or ought to. Otherwise, there are no rules. A pictures, some text. That’s it. Short or long, truth or fiction. Prose or poetry. You’re in the driver’s seat.

Warning! I’ve never done this before. There are a few technical issues I’m not entire sure about, but I hope to get them ironed out pretty quickly. I’m using today’s post as the first of the series. It’s got a lot of pictures in it and you are welcome to choose one. Or pick your own!

You can take a hint from the topic (communicating between generations) or write whatever strikes your fancy. It’s just a point of reference.

You don’t have to do what I do. Just … do something! I’ll try to get these out early enough for everyone, but time zones around the world differ. I apologize, but the world is large and round and always in motion.

I’ll try to post the ideas a few days in advance on the page, but links won’t work until the day of publication. As I said, this is new for me, so be patient while I work out the details.

  1. GENERATION GAP – GROWING UP BOOMER – Tuesday, April 21, 2015
  2. MAKING MARIJUANA LEGAL – Thursday, April 23, 2015
  3. FIVE PHOTOS FIVE STORIES: Let’s start with a Serendipitous Bang (DAY 4)

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  1. HI Marilyn, I pinged back (linked)to this page but it doesn’t show up….. hmmmm why not?


    • I don’t know why not either, but I fixed it. Sometimes, I have to do it twice because it doesn’t “take” the first time. Why? Glitching internet connections? Thanks for participating!!

      I left a comment on you site.


  2. Oh I love this idea. I don’t know how to do a pingback, have to figure it out -can’t be that complicated. Not sure if I understand it completely (I have a bubble brain lately…overworked and underpaid).
    1. I can choose a picture -either from your blog or my own
    2. I write a story and link back to this post not just to your blog correct?
    3. I try to figure out what ping backs are. Is there a wordpress for Dummies?
    4. I let you do the rest of the work (grin).

    Question: On Tuesdays and Thursdays only and no hard feeling if I miss one (still swamped until May 17.


  3. I like this idea and will likely participate in the future.


  4. I just saw your post. It’s late at night here in Europe to try something for today. I find the idea exciting. You’re brave. Congrats for the initiative


  5. I’m in. But I’m confused – do I publish the photo and story on my blog first and link to you? Or do I email the photo and story to you to publish on your blog?


  6. I find it fun putting up a photo and writing about it. Actually I have been doing it for a few years under the name of daily prompt, which no longer prompts anything new. I will continue, but in my own way. No linking, just writing with a photo. Let’s see how it goes. And I will probably also be doing the prompts as a sideline, I always have something to say, even if it is not according to what the people want.


    • Me too. It’s what I do anyway, so it’s only a little more effort to add pingbacks, thus turning it into a prompt. But it really IS what we do. We take pictures. We write about the pictures, or we use the pictures to illustrate our stories. It’s blogging 101 😉 All I hope to do is provide a network so we can find each other.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. And funny and so apropos 😀



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