This could be a hit or a flop, but it’s worth a try.

I like telling stories linked to pictures. To help the process along, every Wednesday, I’ll publish a picture and write something about it. Sometimes, it may be a relatively long post. Other day, you’ll see just a couple of sentences. You can use whatever picture I post  or any picture I have posted — or any picture of your own — as a prompt. Link it back to this post (ping back) so other people can find it.

You will have to forgive me if I miss a day here and there, or if Wednesday turns out to be Friday (occasionally).

Feel free to jump in.

What do I mean by “story” and “pictures”?

Story. Words. Poetry, prose, fact, or fiction. A couple of lines, a fanciful tale.

Pictures. Video if that’s your thing. Scanned pictures from your scrap-book. Weird pictures from the internet. Cartoons. Pictures of your family vacation and how the bear stole your food. Any picture you ever took and would like to talk about

What to write about?

Your trip to Paris. You flight from Irkutsk. You favorite dog, cat, ferret, cockatoo. The weird boyfriend you had in high school. The last book you read, the next book you plan to read, why you don’t read books (but you write them)(don’t write them)(would like to write them).

Television shows, movie stars, classic film, history, language. Fiction, non-fiction. Everything, anything as long as you include a picture and some text.


It sounds simple because it is simple. Every picture has a story or ought to. There are no rules. You are free to follow my lead, ignore me, follow someone else’s idea. Any picture plus some text will do it. Short or long, truth or fiction. Prose or poetry.

One final thing: If you want to get notices of these posts, you’ll have to subscribe to Serendipity. I’ll try to title relevant posts so you can easily recognize them.

My entry for today:


The headline in Boston Globe:


An effort has been launched to both get a question calling for the drug’s legalization on the 2016 ballot and to raise enough money for victory.

What happened?  Massachusetts passed a referendum making medical marijuana legal more than two years ago. After which, as so often happens, it vanished.

I bet legalizing it would have the same result. Nothing. Nada. Maybe they would stop busting people for smoking a joint at a concert … or would they? I suppose it depends on how the law is worded. I’m sure legalization would not make dope cheaper or more available.


Why not? Because this is Massachusetts. Not only (to quote Tip O’Neill) is all politics local, but absolutely everything is political. Everything is a power play between dueling egos.

They can “eye legalization” all they want, but it won’t help me or my buddies. They’ll find a way to keep us from getting any. By the time they finish with the legal gobbledygook, it will be easier to buy it illegally. Like always.

I figure the process will be like applying for MassHealth. Fill out a thousand page form. Mail it in. Call six weeks later to learn they lost it. Fill in a another form. They’ll tell you it’s too late to meet the deadline (because they lost the first one). Eventually, they will start to process the application. If you don’t die in the interim, a year or two down the road, you’ll get fantastic medical benefits.

Weed? The price will be too high. You’ll realize what a bargain the illegal stuff was. Taxes alone will exceed the original non-legal price by hundreds of percent.

Dream on, you aging hippies. It ain’t gonna happen here. Not in our lifetime.

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27 replies

  1. I used to do the ‘herb’. I know lots of folks use it medicinally. Bravo if it’s good for that. But my recreational drug days are long gone. I’ve moved into the necessary drug era.


  2. A “Tip” of the hat to you on this one. He’s probably smiling right now.


  3. Thanks for the ping-back, Marilyn. Not to be overly sensitive, but I don’t see a ping-back to the first one:


    And it was so adorable.


  4. Our country’s gone mad. Think Fall Of The Roman Empire. Our morals are corrupt, our values are non-existent and our role as this world’s greatest nation is questionable at best. So many countries call us a terrorist nation and I can see their viewpoint. We take over countries, by force if necessary, remove their leader and put in our puppet government. Sounds like terrorists to me. We execute inmates, have prison populations larger than the population of European countries and shoot people in the back for having a taillight out on their car. Marriage as we know it is no longer an institution, racial bigotry is rampant and our political system is simply a joke where the highest bidder wins. When will I get off this sinking ship?


    • I don’t if we’ve all gone mad. Just significant portions. I keep hoping they will come to their senses. My husband is an optimist. Me, not so much.


      • I live in a state that just legalized recreational pot and gay marriage. They also allow offing yourself if conditions are met. Kind of ironic that you need to qualify to die. 😦


        • The things we bother to legislate versus the stuff we ignore boggles my mind. Perhaps that is part of the underlying issue: a failure to understand the difference between genuinely important and politically important. They are rarely the same.


          • The items I mentioned are emotional laws that have little to do with common sense or logic.


            • Because of which, they should not be laws. There’s no legal issue involved. These are things that individuals decide for themselves based on their own values. You cannot legislate morality. It doesn’t work. Never has in the past and won’t in the future.


  5. Drug busts are so lucrative to many local police forces, that there is no way they will ever allow the currently illegal drugs to become truly legal. One good bust can supply the funds that a month’s worth of manning the local speed trap can. The village force just east of here got a whole new squad of tricked out Camaros with what they confiscated from a huge bust a few years ago…



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