A Photo a Week Challenge: WIDE ANGLE

In this post, we feature pictures taken with my widest angle lens.



As it happens, my widest angle lens is 24 mm, which is the focal length at which these pictures were taken.

72-25mm-WA-Sunny Day_021

They have all been cropped slightly. All of them needed leveling, you see. I tend to drop my right hand when shooting.


Some newer cameras — my Q7, for example — have levels in the viewfinder. It’s a big help to those of us who don’t realize they are shooting tilted.

72-crocus 2015_30

I use a wide-angle most often, for landscapes. Otherwise, I use it instead of a macro lens because I don’t actually have a macro lens. Yet. Most wide-angle lenses will shoot pretty close.

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  1. The one with having a blue sky as a backdrop. Flowers are looking pretty.


  2. The car graveyard is great. I sometimes find it better using a wide angle for flowers if the lighting isn’t great – I can always crop afterwards. The same goes for ducks – I also have terrible camera shake so the zoom tends to wobble a lot. I have a lot of cut off images


    • I like wide angle for flowers too. You can get very close with a wide-angle lens. All of my cameras have VERY good anti-shake technology. Which is lucky for me, because I do not have the steady hands of my youth. I only use a very long lens when I have no choice because the bird is too far away to capture any other way. Then I have to trust the camera to focus and get the shot.


  3. I think you just gave me a new solution to shooting close up without a macro lens…, thanks


    • Wide angle lenses usually will focus very tight. All the Q7 lenses will shoot 8″ or closer and the 20mm panasonic lens I use on the Olympus will shoot as close as 6″. I have never been willing to spend $400 – $500 for a macro lens. For that much money, I want a whole camera! Or two.


  4. Oh the lovely flowers on your last pic! Gives you hope for a real spring, right?


  5. Great photos, Marilyn! I love to use my wide angle lens for extreme closeups, but I also have to be aware that it will bend the image and adjust appropriately if that’s not what I’m going for. Your flowers are love. Thanks for joining the challenge!


    • I’ve gotten pretty good at straightening warped pictures … up to a point. There are limits to how much you can re-skew an image before it looks weird in some other way. Fortunately, for stuff like flowers, bark and other natural things, the distortion doesn’t look as bad as it does when the house is leaning 30 degrees left of center 🙂 I keep thinking I should get a macro lens, but there are so many things I need and want, I haven’t been able to spend that much money on a lens I’ll only use for flowers or bugs or something like that. So wide angle it is, for now.

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