9 thoughts on “CARS!”

    1. And I thought our 2002 Pontiac Sunfire was a bit geriatric. But as long as they keep running, they have a home with us. I don’t get rid of things just because they are old. I’m afraid The Universe will decide I’M too old …


        1. Antique is 75 years plus for furniture, dolls, etc. That’s technically. People throw terms around without having a clue what it really means. The correct term for us and our cars is “OLD.” I collect old NOT antique dolls. But I collect antique Chinese porcelain, much of which more than 1000 years old. I think classic car begins at 25 years, but I’m not sure about that. Collectors and clubs make those definitions, but people just say whatever they want. That’s why buying this stuff is so difficult.


    1. Thank you Cee 🙂 I love antique car shows, so whenever we have one in the area, I’m there. Some of our neighbors have “show” cars and occasionally, I get to see one driving along our country roads.


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