WEDNESDAY – 2015 #3 – A  Story of Nan

I’ve decided to do this once weekly. I will endeavor to put it out every Wednesday. Because Wednesday is the middle of the week. I have no better reason, but anyone who can give me one, I’ll use it.

I’m not quite sure why I decided to do this prompt. I’m sure it started with the Daily Prompt — which is limp, unimaginative, and sometimes slightly offensive.

Maybe I was lulled into thinking it was easy by how many other bloggers manage one or more challenges, yet apparently retain active lives away from the computer. I’m sure, after all my blathering about how feeble WordPress’s editors are, I needed to prove myself less feeble.

Garry with Terriers - Dogs

I am not convinced I am achieving that goal, but I am trying. However ineptly. My effort for this week follows.

Please try to add your own links. If you aren’t sure, put your link in a comment and I will add it manually at the first opportunity. Don’t get too bent out of shape if it takes me a few hours. I am not always at the computer. It may seem I am. but actually, I’m away for whole days sometimes. I know you don’t believe me.


I remind me of my little dog Nan. She is 15 and deaf. Going blind. She isn’t always sure who we are, or for that matter, who she is.

Biscuit time - All dogs

Which is why sometimes, in the middles of attempting to go down the stairs, she decides she can fly and leaps into the air. It’s super dog … splat. I try to grab her and not let her go down on her own. Every time she splats, my guilt level goes off the charts.

That’s analogous to how I decided to create a prompt/challenge. I thought I was super blogger.


NAN Norwich Terrier dog biscuit


A few days ago, we had Bonnie and Nan groomed. They smell good, feel good … and it won’t last. I wanted to get a few pictures, but as usual, it went badly.

The moment I pull out a camera, they charge forward. I drafted Garry to hang on to them … then he had the brilliant idea of tempting them with biscuits. These are the results.

I like telling stories linked to pictures. To help the process along, every Wednesday or until I throw in the towel, I’ll publish a picture and write something about it. Some days, it may be long, others day, just a couple of sentences. You can use any of my pictures — or one of your own — as the prompt. If you find the subject interesting, by all means, extrapolate.

Please link it back to this post (ping back) so other people can find it.

What do I mean by “story” and “pictures”?

Story. Words. Poetry, prose, fact, or fiction. A couple of lines, a fanciful tale.

Pictures. Video if that’s your thing. Scanned pictures from your scrap-book. Weird pictures from the internet. Cartoons. Pictures of your family vacation and how the bear stole your food. Any picture you ever took and would like to talk about

What to write about?

Your trip to Paris. You flight from Irkutsk. You favorite dog, cat, ferret, cockatoo. The weird boyfriend you had in high school. The last book you read, the next book you plan to read, why you don’t read books (but you write them)(don’t write them)(would like to write them).

Television shows, movie stars, classic film, history, language. Fiction, non-fiction. Everything, anything as long as you include a picture and some text.


It sounds simple because it is simple. Every picture has a story or ought to. There are no rules. You are free to follow my lead, ignore me, follow someone else’s idea. Any picture plus some text will do it. Short or long, truth or fiction. Prose or poetry.

One final thing: If you want to get notices of these posts, you’ll have to subscribe to Serendipity. I’ll try to title relevant posts so you can easily recognize them.

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22 replies

  1. You are super blogger, don’t tell me otherwise. One crazy project will be finished by Friday and my life will be back to (slightly) normal. I will have time for blogging, story telling and an endless amount of comment. :Looking forward to the picture prompt next Wednesday.


    • I’m feeling a bit frayed at the seems. I actually did some pruning in my garden (??? Is that disaster area a garden???) and realized: 1) I need new shears, those are no longer blades; they are crushers 2) I have no idea where any of my other tools are 3) I think maybe a back hoe might help. The grounds have gotten away from me. I can shut the door, but the horse is long gone.

      Liked by 1 person

      • My Garden is a mess and i can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt and start cleaning up. Where are all the weeds coming from? This is suppose to be my favorite time of the year, planing and planting. I need more time to smell the roses.


        • Our roses are trying to take over the garden, but these are hedge roses and they are really like barbed wire. We have two dead bushes that need removal, but we can’t do it ourselves. Meanwhile, the rest of the flowers are coming up anyway. All I could do today was prune back some of the thorniest of the branches.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. The dogs are enjoying Garry’s company. I still don’t believe you stay from computer for whole days.


    • I do. Especially when the weather is nice and/or I have stuff to do. I try to find at least a couple of hours to check email and see whatever everyone else is doing. I also do the checking in while the TV is on, so I do two things at a time and don’t have to give up the prime daylight hours. Mind you, I like the computer. Love it, really, but I’ve also reached a point of needing some time away from it. I think we call it … (ready?) … vacation!!


  3. Bonnie and Nan are looking good! Ready for spring! 🙂


    • And Nan has decided to have an outbreak of youth. I got up this morning and she had taken herself down the stairs and outside. When I got up, she had managed to get halfway up the stairs. It’s her rear end that’s gone, so down — if she doesn’t try to fly — she can manage, but usually not up. She was downright frisky this morning. And they are both still clean and cute 🙂


  4. The dogs are looking very nice. Very appealing poses even though they are probably just saying. “Give me the biscuit.” Poor Nan sounds as if she has a mild case of doggy dementia. My first one Tammy who lived to be 16 would sometimes foreget where she was supposed to be going but luckily she didn’t think she could leap the stairs in a single bound. My post will be up later tonight.


    • Maybe Nan read this post. This morning, she took herself outside and almost made it back upstairs. Almost. I carried her the final few steps. She was obviously very pleased with her accomplishment. These little guys never cease to surprise me.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Seems no matter how feeble, or incapacitated, they get, they still know what a treat is…



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