Month: April 2015


CEE’S ODD BALL PHOTO CHALLENGE: 2015 WEEK #17 I took these pictures back in January. I was testing the various modes of the Olympus PEN PL-5. There were stripes across the deck wood deck, the result of the sun’s lowness… Read More ›


I live in the Blackstone Valley where no one tells you nothing. When weather people stand in the studio and do their predicting, they position themselves so you can see the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Except where we live because… Read More ›


Snooping is unlike eavesdropping. It’s just curiosity, expanded. In any case, I can’t help myself. When I visit someone for the first time, I must look at their books. Assuming, of course, they read. I’m suspicious of anyone whose home has… Read More ›


When Hope Pays a Visit, Rich Paschall Bill woke with the Florida sun proclaiming the new day, as he did on most days. He did not set an alarm clock, it was against his retirement protocol. Instead, he waited for the room to brighten… Read More ›


This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is about MOTION. Capturing movement in still pictures. It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but when it comes out right, it’s visual dynamite.