1. I was wondering what to do for the challenge and there I was in the supermarket. Corn, a huge display. 5 ears, $2. The first true sign of spring and I thought “YES. Corn!” It’s not the first time I’ve photographed corn or other vegetable. They make great subjects and they don’t run away, blink, or complain you’ve made them look fat πŸ™‚


    1. The best corn crop, the “sugar and butter” harvest. It really tasted amazing, especially since it has been nearly a year since we had fresh corn. We have more for tonight. I love this time of year just for the fresh produce!

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      1. I also love our corn and am looking forward to tonight’s dinner. The only negative: Must clean out the corn from your teeth as soon as possible after dinner.


    1. I shuck the corn in the store (they have a big barrel for the leaves and silk) and was thinking how pretty it was. By the time we got home with the groceries, I was planning pictures πŸ™‚


  1. This belt where we are staying presently is famous for corns. The ultra soft milky corn kennels taste heaven. Great close up shot showing the intricate work of nature beautifully. I liked the third shot too.


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