18 thoughts on “RED BEGONIA

            • I need to put out a feeder, too … but we have so many predators, putting out a bird feeder is a nice way to tell the bobcat, fishers, coyotes, raccoons and any other bird eating critters where to get a quick lunch. So … maybe not πŸ™‚


              • Stick with the flowers I reckon! A pity though, it is lovely having that time in the morning to go out and sprinkle their breakfast – or do you mean one of those hanging fill themselves things?!
                We had a birdhouse when we were in the countryside, but there were no predators really. Only an owl and some giant farm rats. And oh yes a squirrel used to come visit too πŸ˜€ That was a lovely space!


                • There are a lot of predators around here, including (failed to mention) hawks and eagles, though they usually look for small mammals. But they’ll eat other birds if they are hungry. The full cycle of life resides in our woods. We see them regularly, though I have yet to have a camera in my hand when one of them appears.

                  We had one of those hanging ones, but eventually the squirrels pulled it down. They would leap on it and hang from it and they got what they wanted. Lacking anywhere sturdier to put one up — I don’t actually mind the squirrels eating from it, but I wish they wouldn’t destroy them — we gave up. In the winter, there’s no place to put a feeder and in the summer, they don’t need one.


                  • I had to laugh – or rather I spontaneously laughed at the thought of the squirrels hanging from the feeder! Sounds to me like they have themselves quite sorted in their ecosystem anyway hey πŸ˜€ Always nice to see and hear of spots that are self sufficient as your woods are.


                    • The woods is an entire ecological system. During bad winters, animals die of hunger and cold and the “herd” thins. Much as it distresses me, I know bad winters are part of the cycle of life and death in the animal world. I can’t feed them all, with the best will in the world. There are also deer … lots of them. Chipmunks, snakes. Frogs and toads and lizards. Everything needs to eat and all of them have to contend with the elements. We aren’t qualified to be God to the birds and beasts. We just think we are.


                    • Oh we do like to think we are don’t we? All fits in if we would just leave it alone. We seem to have a habit of shifting things around to suit us though! Still it IS hard when they season is death – as much as we may understand it. I think we would not be human if we did not feel something!


    • It really arrived today. The leaves are popping out. I’m going to buy this year’s version of begonias. I’m hoping to get fuchsia. The hummingbirds love it, but they always run out before I get to the nursery.


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