A Photo a Week Challenge: Beards


Well. That presented a minor problem since Garry is clean-shaven. But aha! My son has a beard and here’s a perfect reason to take some new, updated portraits of my son.



It was his 46th birthday just the other day. I bought him a Blue-Tooth speaker to go with his phone, but new portraits seem very appropriate too. Beard and all.

Owen in profile

Owen in profile

I did not feel inspired by today’s Daily Rerun, so I hope this will be sufficient for today. There is too much else going on right now. Not bad stuff. Just stuff. Plus, I remember not enjoying this prompt the first time it came around.

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  1. It’s a nice beard. another coincidence, my oldest will be 46 in September. He only has a beard when he only shaves once a week, so that would make it a sort of 2-6 day beard. Mr. Swiss has had his beard for so many years I cannot remember when. There was a time when I more or less forbid him to shave it off and now he just keeps it. It has been all lengths, but now at a 3-4 day beard length I suppose.

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    • The “kid” is 46? I remember baby sitting with him when he was a toddler. As his Godfather, I taught Owen one of his first meaningful phrases, “you dirty rat!”
      He still remembers and now towers above me by a good 8 to 10 inches.
      He’s still a good kid.


    • Garry had a beard for a little while, but he felt it didn’t suit him and it itched. So off it came.The kid, on the other hand, has had a beard for his entire adult life, as did his father. I’m not sure I even remember what he looks like without one.


  2. wow he looks much younger!! and he does look like you. Handsome boy


    • We share a nose 🙂 But he has his dad’s head shape and general “look.” But absolutely, my nose. And I noticed he has no lines in his face at all. At his age, neither did I. It was the cancer and heart disease that put a lot of years on me in a big hurry. I was still getting carded in my fifties (I dyed my hair). I think he looks pretty good too. A LOT better than his father did at that age. Jeff looked OLD at 46.

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  3. Having had a beard for a few years now, I can affirm that there really is nothing exciting about it, unless, perhaps, you are Kathy Bates from AHS…Great looking fellow though. 🙂

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    • Big. I’m this little shrimp, so how did I wind up with the gigantic son?

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        • He used to look exactly like me. Now (except for the nose) he looks exactly like his father. Weird how DNA kicks in at different points in life.

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          • I think it depends on who has the stronger genes overall? Perhaps it was a tie in your case. Both my kids look so much like me it’s weird! Although when both the kids were very young, they looked more like their mothers…a different one for each child…


            • No. Genes really ARE time linked. We can look like one parent as a toddler and granddad at age 40, with a trip through Aunt Bea in the middle. I thought it was my imagination, but it’s true. Think about it for a moment. If ALL our genes kicked in at birth, what would we look like? Grey hair, baldness, even skin and eye color change as we age and keep changing as long as well live. Our head shape changes, which is why our vision changes because as our skull reshapes, so do our eyeballs. Your kids may both look just like you now, but maybe will look like their mom in five or ten years … and like you again a few years later. Look at pictures over the years and you can see how we all morph.


              • That makes a lot of sense. I’ll have to have a scroll through Facebook photos and see!


                • It’s interesting. When I stopped to think about it, it was obvious. Just looking at one gene — for hair color. It’s obviously time sensitive, even those of us who are prematurely gray. Funny because my brother died with a full head of hair and not a gray in the bunch.


                  • That is funny. My father started going grey at 18. I was a blonde headed kid whose hair turned darker with hints of red which mine goes white. Although there is a race going on with the bald thing. But my grandfather had red hair, his nickname for years was Red. Still not sure where the hair loss thing comes in…

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                    • It usually comes from your mother’s side, but my son is bald exactly like his father and no one in my mother’s family was bald — but everyone is gray. We have so much mixed stuff in our DNA. Who knows what and who are back in the pile?


  4. Very handsome. My husband used to wear a beard until it started going gray and made him look like he was ninety.


  5. Great portraits of your son.


  6. He’s a good looking son there Marilyn. My younger one had this positively horrible beard. Thank heavens he just took a major portion of it off. What is with it with these guys?

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