WEDNESDAY – 2015 #7

Welcome, again, to Frisbee Wednesday. Today we celebrate … Hump Day, or Middle-Of-The-Week. On this day absolutely ordinary day, we write something about a picture. Or think about it doing it. My picture, your picture, someone else’s picture.

This week’s picture is …


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Every Wednesday or until I throw in the towel, I’ll publish a picture and write something about it. If you find my subject and/or my photograph interesting, by all means, extrapolate. Any length is acceptable from a couple of sentences, to a chapter from your upcoming novel.

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Story. Words. Poetry, prose, fact, or fiction. A couple of lines, a fanciful tale.

Pictures. Video if that’s your thing. Scanned pictures from your scrap-book. Weird pictures from the internet. Cartoons. Pictures of your family vacation and how the bear stole your food. Any picture plus text. Short or long, truth, fantasy, or fiction. Prose or poetry.

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My effort for this week follows.



Everyone talks about how expressive eyes are — windows to the soul, they say.

Hands are more telling. Just look at the callouses. You can see what work each person has done — or not done — during his or her life.

Hands can be nervous, all motion, darting about like birds. Some of us talk with our hands. Sing with them, pray with them, build with them. Eyes see and reflect, but hands work and play. And make love.

Hands can be folded when a body is at peace. I look for competent hands, hard hands, take charge hands. Knowing hands.


Our destiny is written on our palms, they say. The paths we’ve walked are also there. Join hands to feel a life.

29 thoughts on “SERENDIPITY PHOTO PROMPT 2015-7 – HANDS

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  3. I can’t miss this. Came back today from Delhi and already start missing my family. Managed to do daily prompt in the late evening and this one will be done tomorrow. I have pictures too. Good night.


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    • I have, after many years. concluded that elegant hands and gardening don’t go together. Even using gloves, because I can’t use glove all the time. They get in my way. The dirt just embeds in ones fingernails. I like hands that look useful 😉

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