This worked out well, today’s challenge. I have two new lenses. One is a 60 mm macro and the other, a 45-150 zoom. Since Sunday, the weather was cold and rainy, more like late autumn than summer or spring.

Fuchsia-1- June 2015

Yesterday, the clouds cleared. The rain stopped, and the sun peeked out. The rain did the world good. Today, with the sun fully out, everything is bright, glowing. I went outside and took some pictures.



  1. Congrats for the new additions in your kitty. I can feel the difference and results are so stunning. Of course you are the one who made it work so brilliantly. Your hanging flowers have really grown so nicely.


    • It is fun. And I’m very happy with both lenses. I’ve had the macro for a couple of weeks, but didn’t get a chance to use it until today. The other one came yesterday. Finally, a moderate long zoom I like. It’s been a long wait!


  2. You feature such really great photos and I would not really notice which lenses are used, but good to know about the macro and other one used. All in good hands, Marilyn!


    • Thank you. I can get much closer with the macro than I’ve ever been able to do with any other lens. Kind of neat and fun 🙂 Everyone talks about their cameras … but no camera is better than the lens you are shooting through, so I worry more about the quality of the glass than the bells and whistles on the camera. And that is also why I don’t really consider a cell phone as a valid camera substitute. But that’s just me.


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