I don’t usually blow my horn quite this loudly, but I wrote this two years ago, almost to the day. Three weeks from now, Microsoft is bringing in Windows 10, replacing the deservedly hated and wildly unsuccessful Windows 8. People said I was just being stubborn, refusing to “get with the program.”

Windows 10, from all reports, is a lot like Windows 7, which is what I still use on all my computers. Given the way things have turned out for Windows and Microsoft, they should have listened to me and the other few million users who said “hell no, I won’t go” to their poorly conceived operating system. Microsoft converted more computer users to Apple systems than Apple could ever have managed to do without their help.

Here’s what I wrote, two years ago. When you’re right, you’re right.

I’ve given this thought. I reviewed the video from Microsoft. I read the FAQ. I’ve read the articles in ZDNet and anything else that seems to have detailed information. I watched the video a second time. I read the email you sent me and looked at the poll results. I still can’t find any advantage for me in using — or even testing — Windows 8.1.

I  don’t have a machine appropriate for testing anyhow. If I install it on a little notebook, the inadequacy of the machine would so limit what I could test I’m not sure I would learn anything meaningful. I couldn’t use such a little machine to run any important applications. I don’t even know if Chrome will run on 8.1. The information in the FAQ was vague.

My office by window light

Installing and testing would steal time from other projects to which I’m already committed. Others things take priority. If I could install it on one of my real working computers and use it for regular stuff I do … no, I don’t think so. I’ve heard rumors. Ugly rumors. I’m not willing to risk my computers … or waste my time. In the end, I’m merely curious about the system. And that isn’t enough motivation.

Windows 8 does not appear to be a work-oriented operating system. I’m a work-oriented user. The Dell XPS tablet I gave my son runs RT and that’s fine. RT was designed for a tablet and it does well in that environment.

But what’s in it for me? A bunch of apps I don’t need and won’t use? I have no interest in or need for basic photo editing apps. I don’t need simplified anything. I’m way past grade school versions of real tools I’ve been using for years.


Who does Windows 8.1 target? Not me. You? Anyone out there?

I understand what Microsoft is selling. The problem? I don’t want or need it. It’s not a business environment. My wish list for a new operating system is for more and better business tools. Easily organized, searchable databases for graphics, photos, and documents. Tools to help me quickly locate files on huge hard drives. A better media player for audio.



I want an improved email client and a versatile calendar I can share on a network. I don’t want to lease or even buy it. It should come with the computer and automatically update as needed.

I want dependable, simple access to the Internet. In particular, my blog.

I don’t like Internet Explorer. I hate being prevented from going where I want because my browser is a wimp. I’m not 12 and I don’t need to be protected from myself.

Microsoft urgently needs folks like me to test drive their operating systems. They need core users — like me — to work with it, accept it, and enthusiastically endorse it. To talk it up on the Internet. To vouch for it to friends and co-workers.

Instead, we are the people most reluctant to try it and unless something dramatically changes are least likely to adopt it in the foreseeable future.

XPS 10 Tablet Details — Dell Windows 8 Tablet - Dell

Does Windows 8.1 work? Probably with a lot of bugs. Eventually Microsoft may fix it … or give up and create a system people will want. Not nearly fast enough.

Two basic questions remain unanswered:

  1. Why should I switch to a new operating system that’s anti-intuitive, ill-suited to my needs, and requires I relearn basic computer tasks?
  2. What advantages does Windows 8.1 offer that might motivate me to use it?

The answers are “no reason” and “none.”

Two words: Why bother?

I have read every article, watched all the videos, played with my son’s RT tablet and I cannot see anything tempting — for my purposes.

Maybe in the future Microsoft will do something to change my mind. But far as I can tell, they don’t know I exist. Or don’t care. One way or the other, they’ve chosen to ignore me and everyone like me, effectively disenfranchising the whole class of business users. That’s a crazy choice for a corporation which depends on business clients. Mind blowing and well … dumb.

Does this mean that there’s no merit in this operating system? I’m sure it has value to someone, but it doesn’t have any to me. At least none I can find. And I’ve looked. I want to want it. I want to like it.

Sorry, Microsoft. Not happening for me.

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  1. Yeah … I’m getting those invitations too. All they have to do is fix all the things wrong with 8 and they’d have a new program.
    And what happened to 9 … ?? Maybe they can’t count over there


  2. Well, history has proven that no one likes a prophet. Sometimes the prophet is killed just to shut him/her up. Since that is basically not cool in present society, they’ve taken to simply poo-pooing his/her predictions. Apparently Microsoft knew they’d put out a crappy piece of OS software, and you’re not the first to mention it, just one of the first to have the balls (do girls have “balls”?) to spread it all over the internet.

    I’m a Mac user and they’re no different these days. I had to buy a new computer just to be able to run the latest tax software.., and, of course, the computer came with the latest OS. That meant that a bunch of other stuff would no longer work either.., stuff I really needed. To boot, the OS works completely differently, as well, and I hate it. Fortunately I was able to get a previous OS installed, the minimum to run the tax program. It’s still quirky but useable.

    Bottom line: OS and Software developers sell “broken” products, IMO, just to mark time until they can iron out the bugs because they are so afraid of being left behind. We don’t have a choice but to go along with it… so we’re totally screwed!

    PS: After I finished my taxes, it’s taken weeks transferring stuff to the new(er) computer, or updating to a version of a program that will work. CRAP!!


    • They are all the same. They are out to change things so you have to buy more. I was lucky that I was able to keep using Windows 7. Everyone I knew who said “How bad could it be?” discovered the answer was “VERY bad.” I’m sure MS knew from the get-go it was a terrible OS. And I’ve heard the latest Mac OS is awful too. Microsoft’s new version 10 is supposed to be very much like a smoother, slightly updated Windows 7, which is what it should have been in the first place … and Mac will fix the new system by putting out a newer system that screws around with everything again. They are all the same. They talk to each other and their own marketing department. Corporations don’t seem to realize that WE are the customers!


  3. Well I’m tired of them changing OS period. I had to get a new computer 2 years ago and it was 8.1. I hated it, didn’t want to learn it as well, especially when the system came with 8 and I had to wait half a day for 8.1 to load. I didn’t want to give up Windows 7 and was told there will be no choices but to keep up with technology. I think I’ve pretty much mastered 8.1 now and I’m liking it. Now I don’t look forward to changing again! I already mourned the loss of 7 😦


    • I said NO to Windows 8. And 8.1. I’ve been working on and with computers my whole life and I know when to not believe what they tell me. Windows 8 was a crappy idea. I know other people who have learned to work with it, but you are the first person I’ve heard say she actually likes it. Most people, at best, put up with it. I just stayed with 7. I know Microsoft’s history. They put out a bad operating system, then soon, they put out a better one. They lost a TON of customers with Win 8. It was dramatically unsuccessful.


  4. I got invited to test windows 10 and I am thinking about it. Like you, I have windows 8 the boot and went back to windows 7…not too happy with it as well. I will give windows and Microsoft the boot for good if windows 10 doesn’t show a big improvement. Just tired up so called updates that downgrade me.


    • I like Windows 7. It isn’t perfect, but it does everything I need to do well and it never locks up or crashes. Never. Rarely needs a reboot unless we’ve had a WiFi interruption, in which case the router is the issue, not the OS. I didn’t like the Mac system better and I have serious bones to pick with Apple.

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      • Windows 7 is alright, just has a really poor security system it is the weakest operating system for spyware and virus applications that we install on our own on top of it. I dislike windows when I use graphic or CAD programs, tried it numerous times and that’s a nightmare all by itself. I always thought they had to come up with windows 7 because windows vista was such a flop.


        • Vista was bad, but they’ve had worse. Millenium was dreadful. And of course, Windows 8 (the worst). MS offers its own virus protection package and it’s free. I use it. It automatically updates and it hasn’t given me a moment’s trouble.

          I’ve never had a problem with Photoshop CS6 and Win 7. The only problem I had was with my older computer that didn’t have enough memory and an inadequate graphics card. After I got a better computer, the problems disappeared.

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  5. I learned through my profession, electronics troubleshooting, that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The constant need programmers, Microsoft in particular, have for changing things is downright stupid. I moved to Apple because of my graphic needs. I buy software to match my hardware. I don’t buy software to match my operating system. If an operating system can’t match my needs I stick with a version that will work. Windows 7 professional worked just fine. Why completely revamp to a more graphical system to dumb it down to where only idiots use it? I got in this game in 1978 with DOS 1.0. I got out of the Microsoft game in 2010 when I bought my iMac. It felt like cutting the cord to cable TV which I did a few years later.


  6. Although I haven’t done it myself I have many friends that got rid of windows altogether. They use the open source platform called Ubunto. It looks exactly like the earlier windows architecture, has all the same functions etc but without all the bugs of windows. Then there are all the software to go with it like “Open Office”(which I do use) and is exactly like MS Office and so on. On top of all that – it’s free and legal. I wonder have you ever tried it?


    • I use Open Office on Windows. Ubuntu is an interface for Linux and I have nothing against it, but my expensive graphics packages run on Windows. I gave up on MS Office years ago. I like Open Office better anyway. Google now takes care of a lot of functions that MS apps used to deal with — calendars, schedule keeping, contact lists. So I’m good to go.


  7. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures ( Will Include Posts From Our Neck Of The Woods) and commented:
    I had XP on my old laptop. Still using it. for a number of things. I have Windows 8.1 on this cheap laptop Danny found to save my old one . It (My old one) has everything on it. All the programs like Office…etc. you don’t get free with WINDOWS 8. I have Windows 7 on the desk top.
    I loved XP. It took me a long time to get use to 7 but I liked it when I did.
    Windows 8 is impossible. Period. Marilyn, You were right back then.


  8. I don’t like Windows 8. We have no choice here in New Zealand. My son has told me that Windows 10 should be an improvement. Holding my breath – not


    • Windows 10 is supposedly a return to sanity and an OS that makes sense. A lot of people are getting it as a free upgrade. Not me, but my son is. He says he has had a test run of it and he liked it. It was good and what he was hoping for.


  9. As I’ve not upgraded my computer in several years I’ve completely missed Windows 8 for which I’m profoundly grateful. Everything I saw and read about it convinced me that upgrading my operating system was something I did not want to do. Last week a little icon appeared on my desktop inviting me to register for Windows 10. I have but won’t try it until I’ve read more about it. It does sound more like something I’d want to use but will it be significantly better than Windows 7? We’ll see.


    • I refused to install Win 8 on anything. I bought two computers — three, actually — since Win 8, but I bought machines running Win 7. You can still buy new copies of Win 7 on Amazon and they aren’t expensive. I’ll upgrade to 10 when it has been out for a while and I’m sure they’ve worked out the ‘kinks” in the system.

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    • I’m feeling left out. I haven’t been invited to try Windows 10 — probably because this computer runs Windows 7 Profressional. I should check my other computer and see it there’s an invitation on it.


      • My understanding was, from their PR, that Microsoft wants everyone to have it for free, even people with illegal copies of Windows so they should not be snubbing you. Of course that doesn’t mean you’ll take them up on their invitation. 🙂


        • I’m not sure that Win 7 Professional is the same. There may be a Win10 Professional that applies. The systems are not exactly the same. But the three other Win 7 computers in the house should be eligible. I’ll have to check and see if they have messaged me. And you’re right. I’m not sure I want to upset the everything with a new OS when it’s working fine the way it is.


  10. Hear, hear, but now I’m in a quandry. Will I be able to figure out 10? My first PC ever came with 8.1 and I went through Hell to try to learn it. Will I be more confused by 10? Will they give free updates to it? Guess I’ll see.


    • 10 is going to look like 7, which is pretty intuitive — or at least logical — and straightforward. It is always difficult switching operating systems. When I first used a Mac, I was lost. I had no idea how to do anything. Then, when I switched back to Windows, I went through the learning curve again. I have heard only positive things about 10 and this from people who loathe Windows 8.

      Windows 8 was the WORST operating system Microsoft ever produced. Horrible.

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