Winter is my off-season, but it isn’t really off-season if, for example, you love skiing or ice skating. Summer — not my favorite season — is very popular. Picnics, barbecue, swimming, and hanging on the beach. To me, beach equals sun-stroke and third degree burns, with sand in unmentionable places.

Autumn is New England in its full glory. If we have an “in” season, autumn is it. So … what’s left?

Whitins Pond November
Whitins Pond – November

March and April. After the snow is gone, but before the leaves and flowers appear.

72-Glow-Snowy River-032015_32
Blackstone River – Early March

Late November and usually December. When the bright leaves are gone, but the snow hasn’t arrived.

November on the pond
December on the farm

Otherwise, New England and our valley are always in season.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. We never had much in the way of spring around here. One day it’s snowing, two days later it’s hot. Fall, though … that’s what we do well. Winter has gotten longer, colder, and snowier … and summer has gotten coolor, drier, and shorter. Things really ARE changing. Autumn is the best. I like winter when it doesn’t bury us. Recently, though, it has been brutal.

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      1. I remember Autumn when I was young. It was so beautiful, there were weeks when the weather was cooler and we were hiking or walking..just in awe about the fall colors everywhere. Now here in Ohio it goes from cold to hot..hardly anything in between to adjust.


        1. That’s what happens here in the spring, but in reverse. But we DO get autumn and when we are lucky, it is long and beautiful. When I was overseas, I missed autumn more than anything else. Actually I missed seasons. All of them because Israel is a typical desert environment: wet, chilly winters, and long, very hot, dry summers.


    1. The Blackstone Valley is beautiful through all the seasons. Whatever is wrong with it otherwise, it is always exceptionally lovely, with rivers and streams, woods and quaint little towns. No culture to speak of, though. No museums, coffee shops. Not much in the way of shopping. Or colleges. We have much natural beauty, but that’s pretty much “it.”

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