What is it about “I don’t accept award nominations” that is hard to grasp? I know it’s difficult — virtually impossible — to find people to whom to pass these chain letters awards. Maybe it’s time to rethink them? Or just don’t pass them on. Especially not to those of us who have clearly said we do not want them.

'Wow! I've got one from someone I know!'

Don’t start your unwanted gift with “I know you don’t accept awards, but I thought …” I get the guilt thing. I will graciously acknowledge the honor, but I will not play the game. The Internet is full of spam, junk mail, chain letters, political advertising, and product promotions. At least once a week, I unsubscribe from organizations, individuals, and groups — many of them representing causes in which I believe or selling stuff in which I might be interested — that have become spam. Don’t be one of them.


Those of you who post 20 times a day, one picture or a few lines of text per post … really? Seriously? After the fourth post, unless the subject is topical and timely, you are spam. Even if I love you, I will delete your stuff unopened.

A final point: if you compulsively post something each time you sit down at the computer, those of us who feel assaulted by the deluge of email notifications will likely miss the one thing you wrote that was important, into which you poured your heart.

Here are a couple of helpful guidelines:

1. If you are a multiple time per day poster, do not exceed the number of fingers on the hand of the average humanoid, which is to say, five. If I need to use another hand to keep count, it will be used to hit the delete key.

2. If you write one post a day, you can write long form pieces. If you’re a good writer with something to say, I’ll enjoy it. If you add a few good photographs, I’ll like it better. I may even pass it around. Occasionally re-blog it. But, not every word you — or I — write is golden. Edit with enthusiasm. We will all thank you.


Most of us have other things going on in our lives. If we follow you, we like you, but you are not the only blogger filling our inbox. I spread my time thinly as is. If you load my email with dozens of posts, I will not be thinking kind thoughts.

Get a grip. Please.

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  1. I agree with you there. I have managed to stop the email notifications clogging up my inbox. I have now tried to make my blog award free – I don’t like pushing it onto others either. I would rather comment on their post, than to annoy them with yet another award. More rewarding that way.


  2. Here, here! I’m currently looking for a polite way to post on my sidebar, award-free zone, or the likes.


  3. I hope I am not in that category which gives you guilt :)…. I know English is not my first language but I am trying to learn and improve my writing skills. You accepted my nomination and had written a post too, remember? Thank you so much for that.


  4. I feel like I’ve gone the opposite way, from posting too often to not posting often enough. I think I’ll lose readers because I’m never around anymore. I want to shout, “Please don’t leave me, dear readers! I’m still here!”


    • I was out of touch for a week and by the end of it, I had zero visitors, so I know the feeling — from both sides. There’s got to be a middle ground.


      • I know, right? I try to at least keep in touch with commenting on other blogs, but life does happen… >_>


        • Life happens and sometimes, we get tired of posting, or at least, I do. I go through periods where I just don’t feel like writing. Fortunately, I have such a stockpile of material, I can cruise through my own archives and find something I can whip into shape. And I’m always taking pictures. But I have a bunch of pictures in the camera I haven’t even downloaded. I really want to do nothing at all for a while. Just NOTHING. Which is hard to pull off.


  5. My sentiments exactly! And, love the cartoons… 🙂


  6. Well put, Marilyn!
    I received most of my ‘awards’ back in the days when they were less time consuming obligations… but I still couldn’t find the time to do what was requested. So I set up an Awards links page that thanked the ‘giver’ and linked to their blog.

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    • I have an awards page dating back to when awards were more like awards and less like junk mail. Sooner or later, someone has to rethink these awards and make them about honoring a recipient rather than spamming everyone on your blog-friends list.

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  7. I’m with you there, however, I have bestowed the “Magnificent Photographer Award” to you Marilyn. All you have to do is take a bow.

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  8. I’m with you, Marilyn. I’m still new enough to feel “special” when nominated for an award, but I’ll only accept those that don’t require a lot of work and don’t require me to pick 12 or so other bloggers to pass it on to.

    As for publishing too many posts, now that I’ve graduated from 1 post per week to at least 3 posts per week (sometimes more), I’ve begun to wonder if I’m maybe posting too much. I certainly don’t want my readers to become disenchanted with me. So far, I haven’t lost any followers, but I’ll keep an eye on that.

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    • Hey there 🙂 When these awards began, they asked they be passed to 3 or 4 other bloggers. Suddenly, they started pushing the numbers upwards to 12 or more and I said WHOA. The award stopped being an honor and started being a problem. Which is when I opted out.

      As for publishing too much — a couple of times a day is not a problem. It’s the people who publish seven, eight time every day … sometimes more. And it’s not that they have much to say. They publish one picture each time, maybe with a caption. Maybe not.

      YOU are not a problem because 1) you don’t publish that often and 2) you are interesting. You have something to say!

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  9. I stopped taking on nominations, because that’s all they ever were. Nomination for a questionable wordpress award, I never saw a post of who the winners of these award actually were…if there were any to begin with.


  10. I totally agree with you. It does feel like spamming people. There are so many much nicer ways to share blogs we like/admire with others – as you say there’s the re-blog. Or one can add links in a post. Or otherwise take part in challenges.


    • And now, the “awards” that used to ask you to pass them to a couple of people ask you to pass them to sometimes as many as 15 other people. Really? Do any of us have 15 people who would actually want it? Or not get mad at us for imposing on them? I don’t know where these things start, but they are out of control.

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  11. The first nomination was intoxicating. When I dug up the details, though, I realized it was more like a ‘you-scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-yours’ scenario, I developed cold feet. The chill is yet to leave me. God bless those who think I could be one of their next fall guys or gals.


  12. Well said Marilyn. I have a “no award” post on my page, but still get invites. I enjoy writing, but not all day, I do have other things to do (like eating and reading and cleaning and and and – a woman’s work is never done said my mum).

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  13. Luckily, I haven’t received an award in forever.


    • That’s because people like me stopped sending them. I felt like a spammer. When I was a baby blogger, I thought it was special. Pretty soon, I discovered it wasn’t special. I chain stopped at me. It’s nice when you are new to blogging. It gives you an opportunity to connect, but after you’ve passed these things to anyone who might want one, it gets uncool fast.

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