WEDNESDAY – June 17, 2015 #10

Welcome, again, to Frisbee Wednesday. Today the subject is floors. Mine. Clean, shiny, lovely floors, for a moment in time — frozen in the ether, as it were — free of filth, of paw prints and mud.

The picture, hot from the magnetic memory card in the Pentax Q7, is my kitchen. In almost real time.

72-Kitchen Floor_01

Yes, friends, this is my kitchen. This morning. The coffee not yet drunk. The floor still shining happily with its light layer of whatever that stuff is they put in it to make it glow. The glow in “Mop N’ Glow” is a trade secret, but nonetheless a marvel for all that.

You may write about any of these pictures, or any other picture on my site. Or any of your pictures, or someone else’s picture. Write a little, write a lot. At your pleasure.


There is no sight so heartwarming, so touching, as shining clean floors.

The dogs are outside being dogs. The weather is fine. After two days of much-needed rain, the sun has returned. The air promises a warm — maybe hot — day to come.


The coffee is dripping in its electric home and the smell wafts through the house. I have set mine up next to it, ready for that first pouring.

kitchen morning light

I lean on the handle of the mop and gaze over my floors. They shine softly, cleanly. Tears well in my eyes. It’s early, yet I have accomplished something noteworthy. Meaningful, if transitory.

Garry comes out of the bedroom, grabs a cup of coffee, nods a good morning and turns on his computer. Somehow, the bloom fades. I realize he didn’t notice. No one will notice my beautiful floors.

Soon it will be time to bring the dogs back in. They will set about their appointed task of taking the shine off the floors as quickly as 16 paws can do it, which is pretty fast.

It’s another warm summer’s day in the valley.

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  1. From a new participant:

    A very catchy title, don’t you think?


  2. Cool tall coffee mugs/glasses/containers. I am not sure what these are called. There are few things only women can admire and praise. Sparkling clean floors are one of them. Men cannot differentiate between dirt and shine. Scrubbing the floor is as important as scrubbing the face. Results are so soothing. The only sad part is the effect is short lived.


  3. It’s the same with weeding in the garden – you spend an afternoon weeding a flower bed – totally clear of weeds. And the next morning, some weed has popped it’s head up as if to say – ‘missed me’. I must start noticing when my wife has cleaned the floor!


    • Life is dirty and gardens are full of weeds. Weeding makes me crazy. It’s not just ONE weed. Clean out the garden and in a couple of days, it seems like they are back in greater force than before. I figure you’ll notice the floors if you walk barefoot. Grit? Not clean. No grit? Clean!



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