I fell in love with the Blackstone River when we moved to the valley fifteen years ago. The birds that nest along its length, its canals, tributaries, bridges, ponds. Even the swamps make this one of the most beautiful places in the world. In the autumn, the trees are magnificent.

We have swans and geese, ducks and herons. Turtles, beaver, fishers, and trout — they all live along or in the river. It is a rich and fertile world. Beautiful and ever-changing.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

52 thoughts on “MUSE: FOLLOWING THE RIVER”

        1. He was a really BIG bird. I’ve seen a lot of green herons … they are all over the valley … but never gotten up close and personal with one of these big guys. Definitely serendipity. I think he found ME. He obviously wanted his portrait done.


    1. The trees were golden and the way the light hit, it was all reflected in the river. It was all angle, bronze and yellow trees, and being there — at the right time — with a camera. Most of photography IS about being where you need to be with a camera. Luck is no small part of the process! of course, having a camera with you wherever you go really helps. A lot.


    1. Thank you. This used to be a vacation area when I was young. My first husband and I used to come up here to look for giant pumpkins and see the amazing change of foliage in the fall. There were inns and hotels and stuff. The tourists are gone, but the beauty is still here.

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    1. Thanks, Paula. I tried to get a little of everything. I have thousands of pictures of the river, though for obvious reasons the majority of them are taken during the warm seasons. I wish I had a few more winter pictures, but getting near enough to take pictures in winter is hard. Thanks again.


  1. Wonderful journey! Your images convey how much you love the river. I can see peace, strength, beauty… Thanks.


  2. Each river has its own character, according to where it is, the topography of its place, its animal life, just everything. they are fascinating places. Our local River is the Aar and you get so used to it as you do your Blackstone river. You have a different type of bird life as we have. We would never see turtles or herons, probably our Winters is not their sort of thing, This afternoon we took a walk to the Verena Schlucht, which is a crevice between two cliffs and the Verena stream runs through it. Again something completely different, this time no fish, but probably plenty of small creatures somewhere in the water. I always love rivers, they have their own individual charm.


    1. I think the only water fowl we have in common is the mute swan (the big white one) because they are actually European, brought over by English settlers in the 1700s. Otherwise, aside from a stray Canada goose blown off course by wind, I don’t think we share any water birds. I’m pretty sure there are garden birds we have in common, in some cases because (again), settlers brought them to the Americas from their native homes in Europe. Starlings, which have taken over a lot of city parks, were brought here, I’m not sure from where. England, maybe. We have more animals in common than birds. I’m surprised you have no fish. No fish at all? I thought all rivers had fish.


  3. Seems to be a really beautiful place and I can understand why you are drawn to take photos time and time again. Also agree that swamps can indeed be some of the most awesome places. Thanks for sharing and great take on the challenge 🙂

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  4. This is absolutely worth calling a muse. I have already fallen in love with the dream destination ( how badly I want to be here ! ) You captured nature so perfectly. Excellent shots and so many to enjoy the serenity of the valley.


    1. Thank you. It’s the best part of living here. Actually, it’s great to live in a beautiful place. I always lived in or around cities and they have their own beauty. But this is special. Nice to have it everywhere I look. Sometimes, when we are coming home from town or maybe the grocery store or the doctor, I’m just amazed at how gorgeous it all is. Just driving down my own road.

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      1. I will check rest of the posts too especially the three quotes. Amy had invited me to play but I fell sick by then. I missed your photo story prompt too. I will try to do it tomorrow.


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