Wednesday – July 1, 2015

It’s Frisbee Wednesday again. The world has turned. Springtime ended. It’s summer! If you are anywhere in the northern hemisphere, you are no doubt feeling the pressure to have fun. To leap out of bed to greet the sun. Romp on the beach. Burn meat on a grill. Drive a thousand miles. Climb a mountain.


Do something. Earn some bragging rights before it’s too late. Don’t forget the camera.


I have an ambivalent relationship with “early.”

I love sunrise. First light. The glistening of light on leaf and grass. The glow of dawn. A flight of birds across a pristine beach.


I would merely prefer that it happen later. Like around ten. After I’ve had a chance to have some coffee, catch my breath. Focus my eyes.

Did you know you can say “good morning” to your computer and it will say “good morning” in return? You can do it and it’s easier than you think. Most newer computers and tablets (and telephones) will happily burble to you any old time of day. I have carefully avoided activating any computer voices.

I can barely bring myself to be polite to the dogs in the morning. They are wildly enthusiastic, but know better than to bark at me. The stand in the kitchen doorway huffing, puffing, wagging, and dancing. In silence. Because a biscuit is coming, a biscuit is coming. Unless they bark at mom. If they are noisy, mom will put her four-footed pals outside until she gets her cup of coffee.

To have my computer jabbering at me would put me over the edge.

72-Bird in the bush_04

I can prevent my computers from babbling, but there’s nothing I can do about the birds. Birdsong is beautiful (sometimes). Under the right circumstances. The problem is that birds sing at ungodly hours. In particular, the little Carolina Wren who has taken up residence in our back forty.

He sings so piercingly loud and so early, it wakes me out of a dead sleep.

“What? What?” I cry, but it is only the bird. Such a little bird. Such a big voice. What an amazing decibel level!

72-OIL-Little Bird_09

I’m proud of these pictures because these wrens have a serious case of ADD. They are never still for more than a nanosecond, so getting a picture of one represents a personal best.


When I was a kid, my bedroom adjoined the roof of the “playroom” on the ground floor. It was right next to my window. A broad expanse of nearly flat asphalt tiles, it became — for reasons I’m sure someone could explain, but no one ever has  — the battlefield of an ongoing territorial dispute between the crows and the squirrels.


They bickered and quarreled at the top of their obnoxious voices. They didn’t care it was not their property. Nor did it actually matter who (if anyone) won the battle.

It was a bloodless war, characterized by sound and fury. Signifying nothing. Every morning, year round, the grey squirrels and the black fish crows went claw to foot for domination of my roof.

Chattering and squawking, they would start before dawn and continue until I found myself pounding my tiny fists on the glass and screaming ‘GO AWAY, GO AWAY.’

They never quit. My mother was unsympathetic, though nothing would get her out of bed before mid morning.

Even coffee couldn’t make her cheerful in the morning. It merely woke her up. Jumpy and grumpy. Not a morning person. It seems I have become remarkably like her in ways I never expected.

72-Bird in the bush_01

Now, though, I keep a camera — sometimes several — on my jewelry chest near the accessible window in the bathroom. When my body tells me to get up, I can turn a necessity into an opportunity by snapping sunrise and early bird photographs. Then, I pull the shade down and climb back into bed.

Sunrise Strider

I hardly break my sleep rhythm. Until the phone rings …

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    There had to be a funny story in there with the battling of the crows and the squirrels and you having a fit screaming with your fingers in your ears “go away!” 🙂 Thank you again for the photo prompt (I didn’t use the first one).


    • Thank you for noticing the little story in the middle. I think it was because of the nearly flat roof. it was, apparently, the perfect staging area for the avian-mammalian Armageddon — or at least that’s how it sounded.

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  2. Lovely photos. I must record our early morning bird song – it is very loud at the moment. But nothing beats my neighbours going at each other – it is amazing that their house is still standing. That has been recorded for the police.


  3. What a post ! Loved the flow of positivity in this particularly. I have to response soon.


    • Thank you I don’t think it’s so much positivism as it is pragmatism. I’m a big believer in making the most in whatever you’ve got to work with. Railing against fate hasn’t worked out well, so I try to find an “up” side to whatever is going on. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try.


      • I think that is the first sign of being positive if you find an “up” side to whatever is going on. You don’t know what I’m going through right now. My closest person has hurt me so badly that I am deeply disturbed. Though I am projecting strong and normal for my kids and husband but inside I am shattered and I know it is over between both of us unless she has a change of heart. When I wrote this comment I was in bad shape. I had to respond but I couldn’t write anything and I end up writing broken and pessimistic sentences. Today I am better & stable after three days. I badly wanted to share it with my blogger friends but it could make the matter worse since she follows my blog too. In India we react badly and annoyingly to these emotional burst outs. I am going to write something let’s see what I come up to. Something pragmatic… 🙂


  4. Loved your post and so related to your allergy to early mornings. I specialise in sunset shots for this reason. I live in Australia and we have a beautiful bird called a Rainbow Lorrikeet and I’ve known people who have made the mistake of planting bird attracting red bottle brush trees beside bedroom windows only to be woken by their incredible cacophony. You also hear them chattering at sunset in the huge Norfolk Pines beside the beach. The entire tree seems alive. Given their brightly coloured pluage, they are very beautiful birds and they’re incredibly friendly…a trait no doubt encouraged by humans feeding them bread and honey in a saucer of water. xx Rowena


    • Lorikeets are gorgeous. I’ve seen them as pets, though I’m sure they are happier out there making a racket. Anyone who has lived with or near parrots of any kind has an idea how incredibly LOUD they are. A whole tree full of them boggles the mind. The only thing more obnoxious would be a tree full of cockatoos. A single cockatoo can wake a neighborhood. A whole flock of them … the imagination fails …


  5. We have a lead singer of our neighborhood in our oak tree. The tree is close to our bedroom window and the singing starts at between 4 and 4:30 am. This bird is merciless. But would I miss him ( I assume it’s a him) if he wouldn’t be there anymore.


  6. I can hear what seems like the high sound of a raptor in the background. Eagle/kite/falcon in your area?


    • Big red-tailed hawks and the odd American eagle … and a few of the smaller dudes. They like to pick up a juicy chipmunk and chow down in the driveway. When I ask them to leave as I would like to park my car there, I also ask they take their leftovers with them. They usually comply. Which is good because they are MESSY eaters.

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  7. The crows vs. the squirrels in a battle of who can be the most annoying. It’s almost like any reality show on TV today! Those critters were ahead of their time…

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  8. I awaken to the sound of birds too- recently a crow, which is not the most pleasant alarm 🙂 love your Carolina Wren!


  9. With us, it was Edie and Carl Nyquist’s roosters! They were 4 blocks away, but still, every morning they’d wake us up. There was one who would never complete his crow..and it drove us all crazy!! Cock a doo dle ……. he’d crow, never comping through with the fifth syllable—“doooooo”.



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