Telephones on which both you and the party to whom you were speaking could hear each other.

Sound tracks on movies where dialogue was louder than background music.

72-Mobile and Regular Phones_07

Silence when you were out and not near a phone. Being out of touch was wonderful — the whole point of vacation.

People walking on the street without things stuck in their ears, paying attention to where they were walking. Saying “hi” and smiling when they passed by.

Conversations which were not constantly interrupted by tweets, dings, beeps, and ringing.

Good manners. “Please” and “thank you” being part of normal human intercourse.

The customer always being right. I’d settle for the customer occasionally being treated with respect.

Complete sentences with words spelled correctly and including punctuation.

Full-service gas stations where they cleaned your windshield.

85 thoughts on “DO YOU REMEMBER?

  1. We still have service station guys/gals who wash our windscreens. But I agree. There is nothing worse than having a conversation with a teenager when their attention is on their phone and not you. That is just bad manners.


  2. Well, at least nobody here is defending the current cell phone/Facetwit culture as natural, perfectly acceptable social evolution as I’ve seen done far too many times on technology sites trying to sell iCrap and virtual garbage. This is the new way we will interact with our fellow humans! Verbal communication is so 20th century. Who wants friends from their neighborhood or even their family when they can social medialize with someone from a country whose name they can’t even pronounce? Fun fact… the band Devo’s name is short for “Devolution”, the concept that we are evolving backwards rather than forwards. Those lads were ahead of their time…


    • I’m hoping it’s a stage. I’ve been watching my granddaughter for clues and she seems to be emerging from the Twilight Zone of nonstop cellular (I hesitate to call it communication). I’m counting on the enchantment lessening as people get bored with the toys. If they don’t get bored, well, maybe this is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but a Twitter.

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  3. Heck, I’m so old I can remember my grandparents having a party line, using a dial phone with a number that started with Ashley, the excitement over purchasing a recorder, and the first bag phone we bought our daughter when she started driving alone. I think the younger crowd is much more interested in their on-line life with ‘friends’ they’ve never met than living their life with their family and friends that they do know. Sad state of affairs from my point of view but I’m a dinosaur enjoying my life in the moment. The subject of customer service or lack of it could be a whole other post. 🙂


  4. I don’t like the world we’re in and I want out. My dream just went poof and now I’m dealing with another whack job landlord insisting on keeping the central air set at 80 with no fan cycle. I wake up in a pool of sweat when I can even get to sleep at all. We’re headed for 100 again today. I have a headache from the heat.

    Now the new cause has arisen for polygamy. They figure if it’s ok to marry same sex partners why not have more than one. Left turn Clyde, let me off this Sodom & Gomorrah planet.


    • I’m sorry your yurt isn’t working out. I don’t know about where you live, but I know around here there is quite a bit of senior affordable housing that is very nice. Inexpensive (income-based) and located in really lovely areas, often along the river and on quiet streets in town. I know many people who live in these places and they like them very much. I wish we were eligible. Maybe you should check it out. Every community offers something and you are surely eligible for any of it. There’s usually a waiting list, but sometimes not very long. Worth a shot, anyway.


  5. As we all sit in the living room tweeting and snap chatting with our friends, we are all exiles on the divan. No communal, family activities as we are all too busy exchanging meaningless messages with others not in the room.

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    • It’s why we don’t spend a lot of time with “the kids” anymore. It’s no fun for us. And it isn’t personal. That’s how they behave when they are in groups of their own age. Each of them on their own device. Seems pretty lonely to me.


      • I came home one night and my daughter and her friends were watching a movie, and all of them were on their phones. I wouldn’t even call that socializing.
        Activity and being busy texting is their substitute for conversation and personal interaction.


        • You Tube doesnt help. I see people watching a concert, or an event, not up on the stage but through their phones…recording it for later use. 95% of the hands in the air have cellphones or whatever they use to record, so they can rush home and put it on YouTube…


          • It’s more important to say you were there, than to actually “be there.” I did a fair amount of that when the kids were rowing up w/ the camcorder.
            My daughter recently graduated from college and besides a few shots before the ceremony, I let the pros get her picture receiving her diploma. And I got to see it with my own eyes! So much more rewarding.


          • That’s one of my big no-nos. I simply won’t do it. Not only because it’s intrusive and obnoxious, but because the artists make much of their income selling concert CDs. And they are not the only ones. It’s just wrong. A couple of souvenir pictures, fine, but recording the concert? Not okay.


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