Wednesday – July 8, 2015

It’s Frisbee Wednesday again. We’ve passed the big summer holiday weekend. The fireworks have been shot. The band played on. Time to move along and get down to the serious work of summering. In a word, that means vacation.

Hyannis Cafe

You have an obligation to have a good time and doing it at home is the coward’s way out. To have a proper good time, you have to go somewhere crowded. Popular. If parking isn’t difficult or impossible, you’ve clearly chosen the wrong place to be.

Hyannisport docked yachts

In this spirit, let me welcome you to Hyannisport. A beautiful harbor. Magnificent yachts. Blue sky, blue water. Happy people.

Yummy fried clams. Acid reflux comes free with each order.

Enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches, the birds gliding over the ocean and the harbor.

Although everything is ridiculously expensive and you’ll have to fight your way through throngs of tourists, it’s part of the experience. Of course, you could go off-season as we have done for many years … September or October, even November … but that might lessen the experience.


It was 76 miles as the road goes, but it took us three hours to get to Hyannis from Uxbridge. Not bad, considering it was a snail trail all the way. No matter. We were in a festive mood. No screaming and cursing from us as we crawled to Cape Cod.

Dock harbor hyannisport

We made it. The moment we saw the place, we got a that sinking feeling. You know what I mean. The asphalt in the parking was in shards. You can’t find the office because there’s a backhoe parked out front. Somehow, you know your room is right behind the backhoe.


“The last lady loved it. She had three little kids and said it kept them entertained.”

Sea Queen Hyannisport

“We don’t have kids. I prefer not to spend my week on the Cape up close and personal with a back hoe.” Humor was lost on our hostess. I had a headache.

dock wharf hyannisport harbor

The only other available unit was on the second floor and of course, there was no elevator or assistance to haul our luggage. I had asked for a room with handicapped access. “Well,” she said, “You’d have to talk to your exchange group about that.”

It was late. We were tired. Fighting was futile. We had paid in advance. It’s good to know when you’re beaten.

Barnstable hawk sunset

Garry had that look he gets when he’s mad as hell, but knows there’s no point in fighting. He knows a dump when he sees one. As he pointed out later as we haul our tons of stuff up the steep flight of stairs … “We’ve stayed in worse.”

Sad, but true.

In Montreal, we shared our room with hot and cold running cockroaches. That was worse.

The mattress on the bed was long past its prime. By the time we encountered it, it was a weary, used up, bitter mattress. Lumpy. Unforgiving. Hard as a rock.


The bathroom was so bad it was funny. “It has,” Garry said, “A certain ‘Je ne sais quoi.’ ” I was laughing hysterically as I pulled out a camera and took a few shots. Too awful. A dump. But, for one, joyous vacation week, our dump.

fishing Hyannisport

When you can’t fix it, soldier on.

The weather was with us. We had been to beautiful places and spent a whole week watching the rain pour down. This time, it was a crappy hotel, but the weather was perfect.

Hyannis harbor docks

When you are on vacation, great weather beats luxury accommodations. Especially when you are a photography enthusiast, even more if you are a couple and both of you are enthusiasts. We grabbed our gear. And took hundreds of pictures.

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  1. Thank God I made it ! Here is my this week’s entry.
    Tomorrow is the day for new homework, phew ! Chilling till then 🙂


    • Terrific post! What an interesting place to visit. I wrote you a longer note on your site, but I was interested in why the village is up on stilts. Flooding??

      Liked by 1 person

      • You guessed it right Mrs.Marilyn. There are multiple reasons for that which I mentioned in my reply to your note.


      • By the way thanks for giving me a better word ‘stilts’ for poles. I updated. Keep inspiring. Love and hugs.


        • Both words are correct, but I think stilts is specific to that kind of house. It means other things, too. Naturally. English is so complicated that way. One word always means a bunch of different things. But poles is not wrong.

          Liked by 1 person

          • It is still a second language to most of us Indians. Parents never spoke at home and it was even spoken in schools during our times. We were not send to convents due to financial reasons. What we could learn was through our english teachers in english period and of course reading books. Generation next had no problems in getting conducive environment to get a strong foundation in schools and homes. They have problems in Hindi and other local languages which they hardly speak. I learn so many things from reading good quality blogs. Yours is on top of the list ! And I am not a diplomat 🙂


            • I once sat with an Indian medical student on a long bus ride from Boston to Montreal. He said that the only really good thing the British did for India was give them a common language, because before, there were so many languages and communication was really difficult. I can imagine. He was otherwise, no great fan of the British.

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  2. The fun and adventure and hundred of pics you had was far more memorable than creepy hotel experience. I hate cockroaches and yes I make hue and cry if I don’t get clean bedsheets and comfortable mattress to sleep. I must learn how to make maximum out of minimum resources.


    • I’ll complain — until I realize I’m not getting anywhere and ruining my own vacation. Then I shut up and try to enjoy what I can. If you’ve got good weather, you aren’t in your hotel much anyhow. This kind of thing doesn’t happen often. It’s kind of a shock when it does!

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  3. Now that is where I would love to travel too. At least when you travel you are generally only in your motel for the night, You spend the day out and about. But that is no excuse on behalf of the motel staff. I once worked as a chambermaid and I would be making sure that cockroaches are sorted out. In my post our motel was like that, with loads of cockroaches. Never stayed there again. Ugh. I hate cockroaches. Come to think of it. I think I would have resigned and moved on.

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    • This place was at least — as far as I could tell — cockroach free. It was a mess, otherwise. But we had traded our vacation week for this and if we left, we would not have gotten any vacation at all. It isn’t the same as just stopping somewhere and signing in. Usually, the places in the exchange programs are spic-and-span, spacious, beautiful, well-kept. This was the exception, but the only one in eight years. And it was the Cape with great weather.

      Even the wi-fi was out because the router needed rebooting, but the staff didn’t know how and wouldn’t let me do it.


  4. OMG thank you for so many good laughs. Been there done that, have the tshirts lined up. When we were up north recently, we stayed at a historic hotel. One review said there is a fine line between charming and old and I should have read that one twice. In the bathroom there was a sign saying close the door or the steam from the shower will set the fire alarm off. LOL Glad you had such beautiful weather so you could be out and about and forget the sleeping room and its good know they didn’t charge for the acid reflux.


  5. I booked a few dumps in my lifetime as well, especially when I was younger and wanted to safe money. It’s Frisbee Wednesday again…time is flying (around my ears) so it seems. I will come up with something.


  6. Love it that you took it in such good spirits. You guys are special. Love you both dearly.


  7. Gorgeous pictures! I have to admit the bathroom picture is my favorites. I love the tone and the composition. Hmmm, should I choose that one? So many great choices!


  8. A great entry from Bill Brown at Evil Squirrel’s Nest (I really LOVE this one, but I suppose you have to be into beisbol …


  9. Think of this way Marilyn, you become a mark for terrorists if you stay at a five star establishment so this is an excellent security strategy.


    • My whole life is that way. No one will bother to steal our identity. We aren’t worth anything. Terrorists? In Uxbridge? We don’t even have a decent restaurant? And you can terrorize them by disconnecting the back card reader.

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  10. Sorry about those cockroaches …..


  11. I know that dreadful sinking feeling of seeing a dump and knowing it’s yours for a week. Glad you were able to make the most of it. And yay for Trip Advisor and the reviews that help avoid these dumps!


    • Usually when you own a time share, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your trades. You just don’t. This was a rare exception. All the others have been wonderful. I guess we hadn’t been sufficiently appreciative and needed a wake up call!

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  12. I love Cape Cod and Provincetown. One of my books was written there! Glad you didn’t let the dump get you down in the dumps!!!



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