This week, the Weekly Photo Challenge asks us to share a symbol and explain what it means to us.

Since we are using personal symbols — as opposed to universal, religious, or mathematical symbols — I’m using my old tractor.


My husband gave me the tractor for our tenth anniversary, just a couple of months after we moved into this house. I had admired them, lined up in front of the farm up the road and had noticed some of them were for sale.

72-Tractor-License- roses lilies

I said “That would be so cool in the garden. Kids could play on it. We could climb it. It’s a reminder of our rural roots. An old farm tractor.”


About a week later, a flatbed truck showed up and dropped the tractor in our driveway. My son and a bunch of his friends pushed it into a better location. We found an old Model-T steering wheel and a long out-of-use license plate. Owen scored a seat on eBay.

tractor with daffodils

We built a rock garden around it and planted the Japanese maple in front of it. The tractor can never be removed from the garden without completely deconstructing it.

For fifteen years, the old 1927 Fordson tractor has lived in the garden, surrounded by day lilies, rocks from the old stone fence in the woods. Roses trail over it. It’s part of the land, part of our garden, a symbol of our life here in the Blackstone Valley.

Some people think it’s rusty junk. They don’t have a clue.

32 thoughts on “OLD TRACTOR IN THE GARDEN”

  1. Rusty junk is the best. So let me ask you, since you’ve been married longer than me…. An old tractor is ok for an anniversary present but a vacuum cleaner is not? I don’t get it!

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    1. A vacuum cleaner is a tool. For work. For housework, to be specific. An antique tractor is a decoration and one I specifically admired and said I wanted. It’s totally useless, but utterly wonderful. An incredibly thoughtful (and expensive!!) gift. Not every woman wants an antique tractor, but I love antiques.

      It is hard to know exactly what anyone wants, but notice what she buys for herself. That’s what she likes.

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      1. Well, how about an antique vacuum? I’m just joking around, Marilyn. I love the tractor and the shots you have here. It was a very thoughtful gift!

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