I have to thank my husband and his classy friends for bringing this important holiday to my attention. I have long felt that the morons, jerks, and assholes in our lives were not getting the recognition they deserve.


Often ignored and disrespected, this is a special day, dedicated to them all. The assholes we love, the ones we meet on the street. The ones we worked with and for. To all assholes everywhere, this is for you.


  1. Only ONE DAY? I thought it was a daily celebration-at least it is in my world. There are assholes everywhere, every single day of the year, from the idiot driver who rolled through the stop sign cutting me off WHILST texting!! (which I could see ‘cos I was walking) to the preachy clerk at Vons who just HAS to engage everyone in a longwinded diatribe about the LORD and his bible study class to the stupid instructor at the gym who really doesn’t know– and shouldn’t teach– anything.
    It’s 365 around here…

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        1. Today we got a full measure of road rage assholes, from the asshole with the huge confederate flag on his truck, to the cop supposedly directing traffic but actually, blocking it … to the rubberneckers who just HAD to take a good long look at the accident … to all the orange cones supposedly to protect road worker. But there weren’t any workers. Just blocked lanes. FOUR HOURS OF DRIVING TO PICK UP A PRESCRIPTION. It was a loooooong afternoon.

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                1. Garry made a similar comment. He said that it’s not just that there’s more traffic, but they are so distracted with all the different devices. I guess that’s true. There are also easily twice as many cars as there were. Everyone has two, three, four cars. No one car pools. Everyone drives solo. The roads can’t handle it and on a Friday afternoon in the summer, everyone is going somewhere.

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  2. Funny, I was just conversing with another friend on this very topic.., didn’t know there was an official holiday devoted to “Assholes” though? I prefer to use “Annal Aperture” when referring to this group.., but let’s call a spade a spade eh? I reminded him that a “hole” is an empty space, and that what ever gave it substance was merely an imaginary peripheral boundary, which just defined how big an asshole he/she is. Apparently, according to my friend, there are several different sizes, and shapes…, Who knew? I’m probing into it a little more and will get back to you. Wow! it’s really dark in here… 🙂

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    1. Anal Aperture? Call a spade a spade? You’re on a roll, Ben. Some of my best friends fall into the group we hail.
      Actually, the “holiday” was first posted by a former colleague who I affectionately dubbed “Mongo” many years ago…with good reason. I used to bring movies to keep my “truck” crew happy when working the “dawn patrol” shift. They discovered Mel Brooks as I slaved away on stories.
      I was pawn in game of life.


  3. It has been a buy day here today. I worked and I worked trying to move an entire load of mulch. I got about 90% done and couldn’t stand up straight so had to quit. And, here I am with ice bags on my back reading this post and laughing hysterically. Oh my, who knew there was a special day for them. If only I’d known, maybe I could have made some cards and sent them. LOL

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    1. Maybe next year we can plan ahead. Garry sent me the post this morning and it hit my funny bone. Then we took the drive from hell. I don’t know what possessed us to plan on driving into Boston on Friday afternoon. Are we insane? Going anywhere in New England on Friday afternoon is nuts. They are all out there. My back is gone too as is Garry’s. Four hours in bumper to bumper traffic will do that to anyone. But Garry was very good. He didn’t yell, didn’t scream. He had white knuckles, but he hung on in there until we finally staggered home. At least it wasn’t raining.

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      1. I was close, SO CLOSE, to becoming the perp of the week who’d turned his life around but we finally got home after yesterday’s hideous day in traffic. Yes, I am that quiet guy who’d never hurt a fly.


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