Peachum Monday Morning 02

Big Sky Superstition Mtns

The first is Peachum, Vermont just after sunrise. The second is the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. The third photograph shows fuchsia blossoms and buds on my back deck, taken a few days ago.


16 thoughts on “ONE HALF PLUS ONE HALF

  1. Hi Marilyn, visiting from the weekly photo challenge. Beautiful interpretations of half and half. 🙂 Linda P.S: Have you found any intelligent life on earth yet? Just curious xx


    • I have found intelligent life but sadly, I have found an awful lot of stupidity. I do not fully understand the huge increase in stupidity in recent years. I think it’s too many devices. Cell phones and GPS’s make people stupid. The more we rely on something other than our brain, the more our brain goes soft. Oh well.

      Thanks for visiting and stay smart!

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        • And I still maintain that depending on devices rather than your brain makes you stupider. If your device fails, you don’t know how to get anywhere, you don’t know anyone’s phone number. Sometimes, not even your own.


          • I remember phone numbers from when I was kid in Brooklyn back in the 50s, Now I have to think a bit to give out my own home or cell number. There are only a small, small few friends, and relatives numbers that I can rattle off from memory these days.., yet there are a couple of credit card and bank account numbers I have memorized, much to the amazement of those I recite them to. Don’t ask because I don’t understand it either, I just do.


            • I used to know a whole bunch of numbers — phone number, bank account numbers, my identity number in Israel (in Hebrew, never remembered it in English) … Now? Nothing. Just an empty hole where a brain used to be. Sad.


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