Daily Prompt: The Heat is On

(And now, the original answer from the first round of this prompt.)

The high-tech world is fueled by pizza. If it had not already been invented, a group of developers trying to meet a deadline would have had to invent it.

I could have invented it myself. As the only non-engineer on a development team, I was supposed to know about things like food. And complete sentences. And the difference between active and passive forms. Whew. That was why they paid me the big bucks.

The world in which I worked most of my life required tons of creativity and productivity. To keep these going, three key ingredients were needed:

  • Computers
  • Coffee
  • Pizza.

We could have posted a sign outside the offices which said “We work for pizza!”


Because essentially — not counting salaries — that’s what kept us going. I never missed a deadline. No one else did either. When our efforts seemed in danger of flagging, copious amounts of pizza appeared in various permutation. Of course, there were plenty of computers and endless amounts of coffee too. That went without saying.

I do not believe any developer I know would work in an office where one actually pays for coffee. Blasphemy!

Question: How do you know when your development team has been working too much overtime?

Answer: When someone says “Can we have something to eat that isn’t pizza?”

No. Not really. And don’t forget to make fresh coffee.


    • You don’t eat pizza? OMG call the Marines! No coffee? What fuels your day? How do you wake up in the morning? Actually, I drank my first cup of coffee in Israel, in my mid thirties. Before then, I hated it. Pizza is just the fast food of choice when the idea of cooking is overwhelming. It was the cheap, deliverable food to feed the masses when I was working. You don’t have to LIKE it. It’s just there. Like snow in the winter and 175% humidity in the summer.

      We got the tee shirts yesterday. They are GREAT. I’m going to try to get Garry to model for me and take pictures today, but it’s brutally hot outside, so it may wait until tomorrow. This is one of those “no air to breathe” kind of days that reminds me why new England is so a delightful place to live!

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      • Soda is my stimulant of choice… though oddly enough, I’m most likely to drink it closer to bedtime than when I wake up. Pizza…. I’d eat it if I had to, but I’ve never really cared for it.

        Can’t wait to see the pictures… if the humidity ever drops to a more comfortable 120%…


        • I was planning to shoot today, but it’s like a steam bath out there. I’m trying to get up the courage to just go out and water a couple of plants. This is the part of summer I don’t like. A lot.


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