I am so happy that awareness about stopping the mistreatment of animals is being widely encouraged in India. It is very heartening. This excellent post is good news for animals and their humans.

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Serendipity Photo Prompt: Stupid Old People

” Is your elephant ready for safari?” asked a restless old lady from the crowd of tourists. She was looking anxious and worried.

” I will go after an hour. That group is leaving shortly. You can join them for safari.” replied the mahout. 

The lady and his aged husband along with their relatives ran towards the elephant which was leaving shortly for safari.

” I have no space left as there are already more number of people sitting here. Normally four are allowed on one creature. I can’t accommodate any one” confirmed the mahout.

” How can you refuse us? We too have paid the money for safari. Make us sit or I will complain” threatened the lady. 

The mahout didn’t want to escalate the issue so he suggested, ” Okay, Two of you can come here with us and rest two can…

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I keep trying this same trick. I take off my glasses. I look at Garry.

“Who am I? Quick, take a guess.”

If he’s in the right mood, he’ll deny knowing me. “Hey, stranger. Do you come here often?” (Heh, heh.)

“You see?” I cackle. “It worked for Superman and me, too!”

Superman-ClarkKent-ChrisReeveIn real life, it doesn’t quite come off the same way. About 20 years ago, I was briefly fitted for and wore contact lenses.

During that short period, I went to New York to visit my brother. Note that I have worn eyeglasses all the time, unless I am swimming, bathing, or sleeping, since I was in the sixth grade. In other words, since I was around 11 years old.

No one — including my brother — noticed the contact lenses, the absence of eyeglasses. Not only did they fail to notice I wasn’t wearing glasses. They didn’t notice that anything was different. At all. Even when I stood there and said “Does anyone notice anything different?”

“Did you change your hair?” (No.)

“I think you’ve lost some weight.” (Yes, about 3 ounces of eye wear.)

I gave up the contact lenses. They made my eyes itch anyhow. I’m not sure how Superman pulled it off, but it doesn’t seem to work for me.


I have an equal number of religious and non-religious (and non- traditional) friends. That probably means I’m doing something right. If you get right down to it, I believe in you. And me. I believe in human intelligence. I believe we each have the right to exercise our intelligence as we see fit.

I am not an atheist, but I’m not religious, either. You can not prove there is no god. Nor can you can prove there is a god. I will defend to the death your right to believe whatever. It is your right to believe, disbelieve, question, argue. It’s my right too.

I draw the line at anyone telling me what I should believe.

Steeple and sky

I dislike dogma. Religion by itself is not a problem. It’s the systems, the rules, the dogma that messes up the world. Dogma categorizes everything, puts it all in boxes.

I don’t want to be in a box.

Since no one can prove the existence or non-existence of god, we’d be better off if everyone would stop trying to prove it. If you believe, good for you. Just let everyone believe what he or she wishes. Maybe if we let others do their thing, they will be let us be crazy in our own way.

It has to start somewhere.

I deeply believe in everyone’s right to do their own thing. It’s the last vestige of my optimism, my hope for humanity. The last non-cynical piece of me.

It’s fun to debate big ideas, complicated concepts, but when the last cookies have been eaten, the last wine drunk, it’s time to pack up the arguments and go home, each to our own beliefs.