Macro fuchsia on the rail

A more perfect challenge could not have been arranged for today. Especially in view of my working for the past few weeks almost exclusively with my dearly beloved macro lens.


I could not select a single picture, so I’m including a bit of everything from the past few weeks of macro shooting. It is mostly flowers, but also, a few other little things are included, just for variety.

late afternoon bouquet

All these pictures were taken using the Olympus f2.8 60mm macro lens on the Olympus PEN PL-6.


A word about the Olympus PEN PL-6. Olympus dropped it into the market with no warning at a hard-to-resist price of $299. It is the Japanese version of the PL-7. I have made every comparison I can.

green bug on fuchsia macro

I can’t find any difference between the two cameras. The PL-6 was available for about a week. I bought one and it has become the home of the macro lens. You can’t get a PL-6 at any price now, not on any site, including Olympus or Amazon.


I have no idea why Olympus dropped them into the market like that, then made them disappear. I’m grateful I was on the ball and able to snag one while it was hot!


I can’t begin to say how much I’m enjoying this lens and camera. It is so satisfying, I find it hard to remember how I took closeup pictures before I owned it.


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!


  1. I missed the opportunity to buy one and have to wait for long. The pictures are so stunning and clear ! The details are so mind blowing that I feel like holding it myself to click few pics. I wish sooooon 🙂


    1. I waited a long time because I wasn’t sure it would do what I wanted. I’m glad I waited, though because it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be and I have a lot more patience now than I did in the past. It’ll still be there when you can afford it. If you are traveling to any place like Hong Kong or Malaysia, I hear cameras and lenses are really cheap there.

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        1. I wish you great luck. I have heard that prices are very different depending on where you live. I think THE best place to buy cameras is actually Japan, though I think Hong Kong is very close and sometimes, depending on where the camera comes from, better. There are a few places which sell “duty free” cameras. The Caribbean islands — the Netherland Antilles is one, but not exactly a convenient place to shop unless you happens to be there on vacation. I was surprised at how expensive things are in New Zealand and Australia. England, too.

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  2. That 60mm Macro lens sounded great the first time you mentioned it to me and I keep my eye peeled for one at the right price. But reality has taken over. I know you are more into macro than my occasional whim, but I found the perfect solution to “occasional” it’s a Macro adapter (MCON-P02) that fits the 14-42mm 4-5.6, and 45mm 1.8 prime, costs $70 and seems to work beautifully.., especially on the 45,f1.8 prime. According to the reviews this one was designed right and doesn’t degrade the quality of the lens it’s used on.., I’ll still keep my eye out for that 60mm, but now I can wait it out…


    1. All the Oly lenses are on sale this week. Best prices i’ve seen are Adorama, Amazon is higher. But see how the adapter works. I tried one of their adapters and it was terrible. I was so disappointed. It was completely blurry in the bottom right quadrant. The only sharp places were right in the center. Maybe they’re improved. I sure hope so.


      1. Not having used any of their past macro adapters I have no reference. I’ll Keep you in the loop and let you know if I run into any problems, but so far it seems to work.


  3. I love macro photos and these are really good. I like that you caught that delicate bug so crisply. I also like seeing that even though these are up close and realistic, the shapes take on an abstract feeling.


    1. Thank you. Take about lucky shots. I actually didn’t see the little green bug. My camera saw him and auto-focus kicked in. This has been happening more often recently. My close vision is getting a little dubious 🙂

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  4. First off, I have to say that I have that exact same bracelet. My parents gave it to me in the seventies…or perhaps sixties.. They lived in Tucson, hence the turquoise. I also love the orange flower. Is it a mum? And the Chinese figures. I have one very similar that I bought in Beijing when it was still Peking!!! Mine is playing pan pipes.


    1. The bracelet is a classic design. I used to have the same thing in different stones. Petit point, Navajo style :-)]

      The figures are Chinese, a set of musicians playing various instruments. These are at least partially from the Sui period, that is, very old. How much of them has been restored and how much is original? I think they are more than 50% restored. I know these were popular representations of musicians — and the Chinese were the first mass producers of pottery.

      No religious connotations that I know of. These were household decorations — not Imperia, but made for common folk. The Chinese made decorative porcelain stuff for peasants and other non imperial classes. They believed — as do I — that art isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. It keeps ones soul from withering.

      I have a set of six of these. One is playing the pipes. Mine are about 10″ tall, on the large size, but they came in a variety of sizes. They were originally glazed. The color wore off over the long centuries, but there are still tiny traces of it. Do you know if yours are old or reproduction? It can be difficult to tell, but usually there are tell-tale markings on the bottom that can give clues as to where the piece was fired. Probably TMI.


      1. It is a reproduction..but very beautiful. Came in a gorgeous brocade box with satin cusioned lining the piece fit into. I did buy an antique set of unguent jars in the shape of birds…White jade…incredible . I kept them in the box for 20 years or more. Finally had glass cases made for them in Mexico and keep them on the shelf in my bedroom. I’ll take a pic some day when I’m less sleepy…


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