About this Daily Prompt thing — I guess I’m finished.

I will check to see if there’s an idea worth writing. If and when there is — or when the prompt overlaps what I wanted to write about anyhow — I’ll do it. Otherwise, I’ve given up.

It wasn’t a sudden decision or a conscious choice. I didn’t decide to quit. I got tired, busy, and annoyed with the prompts. Rather than whine about how bad the prompts are, I just didn’t do them.

Life has been a bit overwhelming. I haven’t had patience to deal with prompts that focus on the trivial or morbid. It has been a long time since housework (as an example) was a subject I felt required further discussion.


I don’t know why WordPress chose to kill off both daily and weekly writing challenges. I miss them. The point of following them wasn’t to enlarge my audience, which is as large as I can handle, but to see how many different ways we could all write about the same topic.

It was creative writing. The challenge was in seeing if I could find an interesting approach to the topic. I did pretty well for a couple of years, but the repeats are not challenging. Not for me, anyhow.

These days, it feels like dumb and dumber — or annoying and even more aggravating — so I stopped. I’ll drop around to see if something grabs me and it would be great if WordPress put an editor on it and made it live again.

To all the friends I’ve made, I follow you. Hopefully, you follow me. We don’t need the daily downer to keep in touch. If you are interested, you’ll keep in touch. See you around!

38 thoughts on “JUST SAY IT ALREADY

  1. I love that photo – just the right touch of whimsy. It’s almost as if that mop is about to attack that kitchen floor. Or perhaps the mop is looking over a job that has already been well done.

    Whether or not you participate in the daily prompts makes no difference to me – I will read whatever you write, whenever you write it, for as long as we both continue to blog.

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    • Thank you. I loved that dust mop. It is a very handsome dust mop — and so BLUE. It deserved a moment in the sun. I read you too and don’t care whether it’s a prompt or just … whatever. It’s been a full year since WordPress killed the weekly writing prompt or published a new daily prompt, so it seemed time to let it go.

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  2. you know my view on the daily prompt, I have also stopped as per today. It is not longer fun and creative does not seem to be in the wordPress vocabulary, probably because it has nothing to do with finance. you know I will follow you to the bitter, or not so bitter end, so let’s keep writing and defy the prompt killers.

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    • WordPress no longer seem cares about writing. They killed the weekly prompt and are letting the daily one die, too. It’s a pity because I did enjoy it. I’ll go back to writing about whatever I feel like writing. I can clean up the old ones they are republishing on my behalf since they seem to be heavily into recycling. Time to move on. I am sorry. I really liked participating when there was something in which to participate.


  3. I gave up a while ago, when I noticed the blatant recycling and not even cleaning up old links, etc. Oh, and maybe the “write for 10 minutes and post” prompts had something to do with it too.


    • I got tired of it, too. They are publishing my old responses anyway, so i can just update those if I want to feel all refreshed. I didn’t want to be one of the people who keeps writing (whining) about how bad the prompts are. I would find myself too annoying 😉 So I sort of slid away, but today’s prompt seemed an opportunity to mention “Oh, by the way, I ain’t marchin’ anymore!”


  4. I liked the daily and weekly writing challenges too. But at some point I became bored by the daily challenges. It’s as you said, very rerepetitive. Funny is, I just noticed when I published an answer to one of the challenges, and then I noticed a very similar post written by me in the “Related Posts” section below the post. That was the time when i said “Ok, I am out of this”, They should come up with something new. However, I prefer to craft my own ideas anyway, which means it is not a big loss if I don’t participate in the challenge.

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    • A lot of people have already dropped out. I found I just didn’t want to do it anymore. It wasn’t tickling my creativity and if it doesn’t do that, than there’s little point to it. if they put up some new stuff, I’ll try it, but if not, as you say, I was doing my own thing before and I don’t mind doing it again 🙂 Besides, they are publishing our old posts — the stuff we already wrote, so we ARE participating, like it or not!

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  5. I got to admit, it; the same thought has crossed my mine a time or two; and just write whenever I feel prompted to write. I must say though, I enjoyed your honesty, and loved your pic here of the mop, it caught my eyes…good luck with your decision.


    • I’ve been doing these prompts for a few years, but all they are now are repeats of prompts I’ve done already. If they would put some new ones up, I’d be glad to do them, but they don’t seem to want to be bothered. It’s a pity. I really enjoyed doing them and if they do something with them, I’ll enjoy them again 🙂

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  6. I gave up on them some time ago because many of the subjects just didn’t interest me. I’m trying to find the motivation to keep on blogging regularly because it’s an escape from the daily grind but I prefer to do other blogger’s challenges or just write my own stuff.


    • I get you. I need to not try to read 50 blogs a day AND write AND take pictures AND have a life. Not enough time in a day for all that. The Daily Prompt has been bad for a long time. Lopping it off was easy. I like prompts too, but they need to at have a hint of creative spirit, wit, humor … SOMETHING to make them interesting. I don’t really have time to write more than one post a day, so I am better off using the time on something I find more rewarding. It wasn’t a difficult choice.

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  7. I agree with cordeliasmom, the picture of the mophead was the catalyst. Drew me in straight away.

    Marilyn, you do not need a daily prompt after 3 years of quality blogging. Your unprompted observations on life and daily living are quite enough to entertain and inform without any help from wordpress. You know very well that wp is just the platform from which you can project your thought provoking views and images.

    Burnt out – pah! Enjoy your vacation.


    • Thank you. And thank you again! You are very kind. I know my circuits are a bit fried because usually, I want to take pictures. I want to write. All I’ve wanted to do for the past week was (a) sleep (b) play stupid games on Facebook (c) read science fiction — not necessarily in that order. I need to rethink how I parcel out my time. I love blogging. I just need to find a way to fit “life” in between reading, answering comments, and actually writing and taking pictures. The writing and picture taking has been sadly neglected because I’m trying to do everything … and I can’t. It’s that old “superwoman” syndrome, striking in a new variation on an old theme. A vacation will definitely help.

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  8. Fasten your seat belt, I will start a writing challenge or prompt challenge in October and you know I am going to “bug” you right? I feel the same way, I said what I wanted to say yesterday, because I wanted to get it of my chest.

    The picture of the mop is priceless 🙂


    • I decided it was time to stop complaining and just … stop. I looked briefly at today’s daily downer and felt a deep sense of relief that I did NOT feel any need to do anything with it. Like a weight off my shoulders.


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