Today is the day I reblog this hilarious and oh-so-true post! Happy laughter to you-all on this gray Tuesday morning.

Stuff my dog taught me

images-6I have been actively searching for twine since September 1, 1983. I remember the date because it was written on the top of the rental agreement for my first flat – a three bedroom with high ceilings and inadequate heating that I shared with a couple of roommates. In honour of my newfound independence, my uber-practical father presented me with a black plastic toolkit filled with home-dweller essentials, including a roll of twine.

The twine went missing almost immediately. No one fessed up to using it… it simply disappeared. I replaced it. It disappeared again. Thus began the never-ending cycle. My father was right about the practicality of the items in the toolbox. 23 years later, I still have it, and still use most of the items inside. But the item that is most ‘handy’ is the twine, which can never be found in the toolbox… or in the gadget…

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  1. Good Lord, I can actually relate to it ! I’m relieved to know that I was not the only one to shout,” where are those handkerchives & socks ?” Store keys, pliers, measuting tapes…..and the list goes on.


  2. Thanks for sharing. Hilarious. Gosh I am glad I am not the only one who misses “stuff”.


    • I’m convinced malicious pixies are at work. There’s otherwise no accounting for all the things that just disappear without a trace.

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      • I think it’s the sock fairy. Socks disappear in our house. I am not sure if the washer eats them, or if one sock is kept as payment. But they disappear…gone for good..and it’s never a pair of socks, it’s always just one (mostly mine)


      • Truth is it’s probably in the toolbox right up to the moment that you need it. I believe that “twine” is a life form as yet undiscovered by science and biologist. It has discovered the best way to hide, as many things that disappear do, is right under our noses. So, while science is busy looking in and under obscure places for everything else, twine is right there thumbing its little fibers at us, with a barely audible “nah, nah nee nah, nah. I also believe that “twine” has been talking to other equally evasive life forms like the “hammer” I just saw somewhere, but can’t seem to find now that I need it. Do you think that a hammer feels all that violence that we were told it was made for? We need answers.., we need them now!


      • Bonnie would like some twine.


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